TV and More

Hulk and the Agents of SMASH – How many Hulks is too much?  We may never know.

Rewinding the Week (6/1) – What is left to watch?

Avengers Assemble! – The Circus of Crime attacks!

Rewinding the Week (5/25) – Where is Game of Thrones?

TMNT – Another stellar episode, The Grybyx!

Rewinding the Week (5/18) – The end of a couple key shows (for the season)

Star Wars, The Clone Wars – A new(er) show for us

Friday’s Top 5 – What’s being canceled?

Rewinding the Week (5/11) – The seasons are almost over!  What will happen?

X-Men TAS – Days of Future Past(part 1)

Friday’s Top 5 – Agents of SHIELD

Rewinding the Week (5/4) – Keep on watching.

Top 5 – FCBD and May the Fourth!

Pokémon! – Gotta catch them all.  Season 1, episode 5

Rewinding the Week (4/27) – The shows just keep coming, and I keep watching.

Marvel’s Avengers Assemble – Again, just keep assembling!

Friday’s Top 5 (5/25) – A perfect date!

Rewinding the Week (4/20) – Happy Easter!

Spider-Man TAS episode 2 – A look at the 2nd episode of the best Spider-Man cartoon

Friday’s Top 5 (4/18) – A special Saturday edition of a Friday top 5

Rewinding the Week (4/13)Game of Thrones started!  Who cares what else happened?

TMNT – Still the original series, just another episode

Friday’s Top 5 (4/11) – What did Jim see this week?

Rewinding the Week (4/6) – The Walking Dead is over, and other stuff

Marvel’s Avengers Assemble! – A new(er) cartoon about the premier team of superheroes

Friday’s Top 5 (4/4) – How I Met Your Mother edition

The New TMNT (part 2) – Jim’s take on the trailer

The New TMNT (part 1) – Turner’s take on the trailer

Rewinding the Week (3/30) – A look back at the past week’s television

The Magic School Bus: Lost in Space – An educational journey back through time to when Pluto was a planet

Friday’s Top 5 (3/28) – A look back at the best things to appear before Jim’s eyes

X-Men: Night of the Sentinels (part 2) – Continuing the premier story of the premier mutant superhero team

Rewinding the Week (3/23) – A look back at the week in tv

Spider-Man TAS: Night of the Lizard – Another classic 90’s tv show

Friday’s Top 5 (3/21) – The best the world has to offer Jim

X-Men: Night of the Sentinels (part 1) – If you were a kid in the 90’s, you must have seen this

Rewinding the Week (3/16) – A look back at the week in television

Invader Zim: Episode 1 – The first showing of a classic cult cartoon

Friday’s Top 5 (3/14) – Jim’s best things seen this week

TMNT: The Turtles and the Hare – A random episode from the turtles later period/

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