Rewinding the Week (6.22.2014)

Welcome to the 100th post on the blog!  I can’t believe that we’ve already made it that far.  Thanks to everyone who comes by and checks us out.  I plan on expanding what we have been doing greatly around the start of August.  So stay tuned.

Now let’s get this started, as I have shows to watch.

Game of Thrones:  Well, the season is over.  I found the last episode to be satisfying, as we got to see a coupel die who, in my opinion, deserved to die.  I was a bit upset though.  In the book, Tyrion learned a valuable piece of information from his brother, but they cut that reveal from the show, which is disappointing.  That piece of info helped to make Tywin seem more villainous, and Tyrion more tragic.  You want to know what it was?  Read the book.  Quick recap of the rest.  Dragons are out on control: cool, and realistic (for dragons, anyway).  Jojen dies: well at least he got Bran where he needed to be) and I had no idea Children of the Forest could shoot fireballs).  The Hound and Brienne fought: interesting, and a good fight to watch.  And now, we have to suffer through summer, fall and winter until we see them again.  I recently read an article (sorry can’t remember where) that was discussing the problems with the show.  Not how it differs from the book, but the fact that the whole story isn’t done being written, and that having it play out over so many years really ages the child actors.  Bran is supposed to be under 10!  Oh well, I’ll still watch.  Maybe I’ll watch the whole series again before next year rolls around.

Orange is the New Black: Well, we finished season 2.  As I mentioned, it was neat to see the back story of all the different characters.  I wonder if Piper got those stories from them while they were in jail together, when she got out, or if they are completely fabricated.  I am anxious to see what happens next year, and think this is one story that I will avoid reading, but instead only watch.  Never thought I’d say that.

Firefly:  I’ve been pushing through this.  I like it, although, to be honest, I don’t understand why it was such a huge deal.  Maybe I will by the time I finish the show and watch the movie.  Again, I like it, but I don’t think it is something that I would obsess over.  Still, it makes me want to learn more about the backstory.

Workaholics:  I am somewhat proud to say that I finished watching all four seasons of this show.  This is primarily because there is absolutely nothing to be done at my work for the next couple weeks, and they don’t block some websites that stream shows.  I found this to be a very funny show.  It’s dumb humor, yes, but it works.  Sometimes it’s nice to let yourself take a break and just laugh at the absurdity of people that are really thick-headed.

Next week, I will hopefully have watched some Da Vinci’s Demons, and will have finished up with Firefly.  Keep on watching.


Rewinding the Week (6.15.2014)

Well, again, I’m sad to start off by telling you that I didn’t really watch much this past week.  I don’t think this one is going to be as long as last week’s, which is probably ok, as I was reaching then.  Let’s see…

Game of Thrones: Okay, so, was anyone else a bit upset about this episode?  I know the answer is yes, as I am currently on the internet, where people get upset over anything and everything.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I was happy to see the giants (although, only 2?) and the mammoth.  But why spend the whole episode on the wall?  Have we ever spent an entire episode in one setting?  I don’t think we have.  I’m too used to jumping around, and checking in on at least half of the cast each week.  Also, why did Pyp and Grenn have to die?  At the risk of sounding like a geek, (which has probably happened a few times before) that isn’t how it went in the book, and now I’m concerned how further things at the wall might play out.  I can’t wait for tonight’s episode though, as I know what will happen, but still am excited to see it happen on screen.  Of course, I know I’ll have to wait to see it all, as they won’t fit it all in one hour.  Damn you producers, make the show 20 episodes a season!  There is enough source material to do that!

Orange is the New Black: Well, I didn’t quite finish this season.  I still have 2 episodes to go, so don’t spoil it for me please.  It’s been a great season, although definitely a lot sadder than the first one.  It’s still funny, and still have some suspenseful/nail-biting moments, but this season has really focused on the supporting cast, and what happened in their lives to land them in prison.  I was surprised and excited to see Pornstache come back into the picture, but was saddened when only, an episode or 2 later, saw him leave.  I really like this show, as it makes sure that all its characters can change and grow.  They aren’t just 2 dimensional figures, but have a depth to them that is lacking in so many shows.

Sadly, that’s all I watched this week.  Well actually, wait, I did watch a bit more.

Robot Chicken:  I was so far behind on this great stop-animation sketch show.  Luckily, I had a few free hours at work and got myself caught up, including watching the DC Comics Special 2, which was wonderful.  I’m more of a Marvel guy myself, but still enjoyed it.  Just a bunch of laughs.

Workaholics: Speaking of laughs, I started season 1 of this show as well.  It’s good.  Some of the jokes fall flat, and sometimes the whole show seems to be a bit much, but overall, it’s just funny.  I like it.

Well next week will see the end of Game of Thrones, and I will probably be finished Orange is the New Black as well, but that means that I’ll get back to finishing Firefly, and hopefully watch some/most of Da Vinci’s Demons.  Have a good week, and let me know what shows you’re watching these days.

Rewinding the Week (6.8.2014)

Another week gone by, and again, I don’t have much to talk about.  But I’ll do my best to stretch it out.  I need a goal.  Let’s say, 800 words.   Alright, let’s get started.

Game of Thrones:  Well, there isn’t much that I need to say about this, I don’t think.  We all heard the squish.  We all saw the head explode, and what a sight it was.  But besides that, there were some other scenes that were just as memorable.  Grey Worm getting caught peeping seemed like it might not end will, but, perhaps the love that cannot be consummated will still survive.  Theon proves that he is worth keeping alive, if to do nothing else but lead his former men to their deaths.  (Also, flaying?  Pretty gross)  Jorah’s secret finally comes to light.  I honestly thought that it had already come out in the show, but sometimes I get the book and show confused.  My bad.

Speaking of the book, did I miss the conversation about the Lannister cousin who just smashed beetles all day long?  That seemed a bit out of place, and also got me worried that there wasn’t going to be sufficient time for the battle.  On the other hand, I did appreciate Sansa’s scene, as it does appear that she is ready to play the game.  Will she win, or will she die still seems up in the air, but at least she isn’t just being an empty headed princess anymore.

Firefly:  Okay, so apparently I messed up last week.  I thought I had watched the first episode, as that was what the link told me, but it turns out it was really number 10.  No wonder I was so very confused.  This week we went back and actually watched the first 4.  I like it.  I am still a bit mystified by some of the show, especially why everything is “old west-y.”  But it’s good.

Is it the end-all show that I had heard and seen all over the internet?  No.  Not yet, anyways.  I understand how people get obsessed over shows, and I do it at times.  But so far, to me, this seems like it’s a good sci-fi, but not something I would watch again and again, scrutinizing over every minute detail.  Maybe that will change.  I want it to.  I want to love this show.  I want to be excited about it.  So I’ll keep watching, and let you know what happens.  I like the characters.  I like the premise.  I’m even a little partial to the hokey dialogue.  I’m interested in seeing more about these “Reavers” and learning more about the “Brown coats.”  Those are both terms that I’ve seen on fan sites around the internet, and I’m sure that they will play a big role in the rest of the show.

Orange is the New Black:  Good news!  I have a new show to watch.  Even better news!  Netflix released a whole bunch of these episodes at once so I can just watch them every day this week.  Bad news!  I think I might have had an order problem, like I did with Firefly.  I watched what I think were episode 1 and 2 last night, but I feel like it was really 1 and 3 or something.  There seemed to be a big gap in the story, as I never saw how Piper got back from the jail in Chicago.  Maybe that was intentional.  It just seemed like something was skipped.  I’ll look into it more tonight.  It’s nice to get back with this cast of well written characters.  The story is interesting, and although we can infer what the end will be, it still has a lot of surprises.  I’m anxious to see some of the plot threads from season 1 come into play, especially those that involve the guards.  I also hope that Alex (aka Donna Pinciatti) isn’t gone for good, but I was shocked by what she did.

It was interesting in episode 2 (maybe 3) to see a bit more insight into some of the prisoners’ lives, both before incarceration, and during.  I like Piper, but it is refreshing to have some time where she isn’t the center of attention and we get a good look at the environment that she is in.  Seeing her pimp out the new inmate was fun, and it was nice to know that it isn’t just men who have bad information about vaginas.  Knowing that this is based on a book she wrote, I wonder how much of the other characters’ lives is conjecture, and how much is truth, obtained one way or another.  I look forward to binge watching this show, and I’m sure by this time next week, I will have finished all the episodes that are available.

793 words.  I think I did fine then.  Only three shows to talk about and I still managed to meet my goal.  Well, thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back next week.  I’ll try to have some more to talk about then.



Rewinding the Week (6.1.2014)

Well, this is awkward.  I have nothing to say on any of the usual series.  To my horror, there was no new episode of Game of Thrones this past week.  What a thing to befall us all.  I was so looking forward to *SPOILERS* and seeing *REDCATED* kill *REDACTED* as well as see how the show would handle *NOT GOING TO TELL YOU*

Oh well, at least it will be on this week.

So in lieu of my usual fare, I watched a couple things, which I will talk briefly about.

Resurrection:  I mentioned that I was watching this in a past recap, but this week I focused more on it, and actually finished the first season, which was shockingly only 8 episodes long!  What is up with shorter and shorter TV seasons?  When I was a kid, there would be a new episode every week for what seemed like forever.  Now we have the Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead that last only 10 and 16, respectively.  That hurts.  I mean, come on.  But (to steal a line from my cohort, Slim James) I digress.  Resurrection, which I learned is based on a book I guess I’ll have to read, kept me going.  It’s not the best or most action packed, but it’s full of human drama that arises with the dead.  They aren’t zombies, which is refreshing, but people don’t know what to make of them.  I’m thinking they will turn out to be aliens, or some sort of clones, but I feel as though I will be disappointed in that regard.  It’s some solid writing, and solid acting that kept me watching, and I hope it comes back next year, perhaps for a longer season.

Firefly: Okay, people.  Don’t hate me too much here, but I never watched Firefly until last night.  I had heard so much about it, although all very general stuff, that I was a little reluctant to try it out.  I felt like the hype might have been too much, and it wouldn’t be able to live up to the expectations.  Well, last night I succumbed and gave it a shot.  I only watched one episode, and, well, I have no idea what was really going on.  I’m not saying it was bad, nor am I saying it was the spectacular, remarkable thing that I had heard it was.  I honestly don’t know what to think about it yet.  But I am going to continue to watch it.  I know it wasn’t on long, so I will probably finish the series this week or next, and then watch the movie that follows if I so desire.  I wanted to like it, and I did.  But, I don’t know, it just seemed, odd.  I was thrown by the intro and the way that the characters talk, as both seemed extremely western (as in cowboys).  I think it’s intentional, as though space is like the old west, but it was still strange.  I will watch it, though, and I believe that it will pay off.  It definitely made me pay attention and captivated my interest throughout.  Here’s to hoping it is as awesome as people say.

So that’s all for me today.  Sorry I don’t have more to tell you.  I didn’t watch any more of Black Sails, although I thought about it.  Maybe after Firefly.  Have a good week, and enjoy GoT, it’s almost over already.

Rewinding the Week (5.25.2014)

So this was the first week without a couple of the key shows.  We still have most of them, but I could feel the lack of superhero shows really bringing me down about midweek.  But still, I got through it.

Game of Thrones:  Obviously the best show of the week.  I mean, just come on.  The mountain is a beast.  He is just awesome.  I’m glad that they kept the conversation between Oberyn and Tyrion in the show, because it was even more powerful than in the book.  More badassery from Arya. and a zombie crosses over to bite the hound.  Okay, so not really a zombie, but what if?  Some awkward moments this episode too, from the Red Woman and Stannis’s wife to Jorah seeing Daario do a walk of pride.  And we can’t forget about Littlefinger.  But the ending?  The best part.  Man I hated that character.  Good to see them go.

The Simpsons: A tale of friendship, betrayal and redemption.  Good stuff, but nothing too exciting.

Family Guy: I wasn’t sure if the time machine would make a comeback, but at least the graphics looked cooler this time around.  A cool alternate universe story.  Those are the backbone of this site, so always nice to see them.

Bob’s Burgers: Part 2 of the Wharf War.  Suspenseful and thrilling.  A good end to the story.

I just realized.  I think these three cartoons are over for the season.  *Sigh*  It’s a good thing I’ve come across what could be some replacements.

Black Sails: A pirate story.  This is pre-Treasure Island.  I think it has potential, but have only watched one episode so I’m not sure yet.  The acting doesn’t seem too great, but I can look past that if the story is good enough.  Will it be?  I’ll see.

Resurrection: Red Foreman is in this, so that alone makes it worth watching.  a gripping tale of a small town in middle America.  Only in this town, the dead are coming back to life.  Is it a miracle, or is there something more sinister afoot?

Now, I know these two shows have been on for a while, but they are new to me, and I’m hoping to watch at least a bit more of each, so no spoilers please.  But if you have any suggestions, I’m always happy to try something new.

Rewinding the Week (5.18.2014)

So it has come to pass.  Two shows have finished for the season, while a couple others begin to march to their ends.  But oh, what ends they may be.  Major Spoilers ahead, so be warned.

Agents of SHIELD: Amazing.  A great wrap up to the season.  Some plotlines are resolved (Garret) while others are hinted at being opened next season (Skye’s parents).  Patton Oswald returns, so he must be an LMD, in which case I’d like to buy one.  Dethlok is free to wander the Earth like Caine in Kung Fu.  Will he get his own show?  Probably not, and that’s okay.  I’m anxious to see how Coulson puts SHIELD together next season, but really more anxious to find about how Fitz is doing and whose bloody hand that was at the end.  I think the mystery of what is happening inside Coulson’s brain will also be interesting, as I have no idea what he and Garret were drawing.  Anyways, action packed, and satisfying to the end.  Great to see Fury again, and for longer than a 3 second cameo.  I was also very happy that Ward didn’t change his allegiance back and forth.  I still feel that they will try to redeem his character later on, but I hope he just rots in a cell.  One weird part: May had the Asgardian spear, but then it was gone?  Where’d it go?

Arrow: The other season finale, while not as great as AoS, was still okay.  The big fight was wrapped up, the major crisis was averted, and no one actually died, which felt like a bit of a cop out.  Huge fights, although why archers feel they need to get close to people, I’ll never know.  We finally got to see the fight between Slade and Oliver from five years ago.  But this whole five years thing is annoying me now that we find out he wasn’t on the island the whole time, and not only that, but he was connected to an organization we’ve seen a lot of.  How has he not told Diggle and Felicity everything about the five years there when he’s been with them for two?  Is he seriously waiting to reveal one year every year?  Cuz that is dumb.  And what he did to Felicity in this last episode?  Heartbreaking.  Just heartbreaking.

Game of Thrones: Well, the trial doesn’t look good for Tyrion.  I wasn’t sure how it would play out, but am glad it is rather faithful to the book.  Now I just hope they end it the same way.  I think Stannis has the right idea, now that we know the Lannisters are broke, going to see Sherlock’s brother at the Iron Bank could win him the war.  Oh, and DROGON!  That guy is huge now!  So cool!  Dany will be riding him in no time, I’m sure.  But Hizdar?  I just can’t hate him, yet.

The Simpsons: A truly sad tale.  Lisa without friends?  What’s a mother to do?  Great to get a new neighbor (Booth Wilkes John, why does that name sound familiar?) and even better to see an episode of Itchy and Scratchy.  It feels like so long since I’ve seen that cat die.

Family Guy: Cleveland’s back!  I guess this means his show is permanently over.  It’s nice to have him back in the gang, as they have always felt a little wobbly with only three.  I’m glad the whole family came over and I hope they will be a big part of upcoming storylines.  It was great to have the meta jokes about his show failing.

Bob’s Burgers: The first of a two-parter involving the wharf and that crazy Felix.  I like him.  I wasn’t sure I would, but he provides a nice level of crazy that sends the storylines ahead.  Tina and Mr. Goiter is just too much for me.  Oh, how I love this show.

Well that’s it for the week.  Next week will be even quicker, since two shows are off my list.  What will I do to fill the time?  Meaningful art?  Other stuff that is better than sitting on a couch?  The horror, the horror.

Rewinding the Week (5.11.2014)

Well, this seems awkward.  I thought I just did one of these things, and now, WHAM! (not the kind with George Michael) it’s that time again.

Games of Thrones: All hail King Tommen!  Long may he reign.  So nice to see a genuinely nice Lannister, even if the family is broke.  Speaking of nice to see, Podrick.  You are so useless, Pod, but I still love you.  Meanwhile, seeing Hodor look so scared after being possessed continued the streak of the gentle giant breaking my heart as easily as he breaks necks.  More wisdom from the Hound is always welcome, but seeing gross Aunt Lysa is not.  Please stop.  Those screams will haunt me worse than Sansa.

The Simpsons:  The Lego episode.  Finally, something that doesn’t follow the rule of “The Simpsons did it first.” It was pretty cool, though and included a nod to the Lego Movie.  I enjoyed seeing the interactions with the very disposable landscape.  Very cool.  I would love to get my hands on the actual Lego playset, but the price is a bit out of my range right now.

Family Guy: A Meg centered episode?  Insane!  She bonds with Peter, which I think has happened in a previous episode, but it was still nice to see.

Bob’s Burgers:  Gene the cheerleader was great.  Of course Linda gets way too involved with it, and of course Bob is a bit embarrassed.  All in all, another solid showing from the best cartoon running these days (well, at least the best on Sunday nights).

Agents of SHIELD: Seeing flashbacks into Ward’s life was interesting, although it did not make me feel for him any more.  I really hope that he doesn’t turn out to be a double-double agent and really be working for Hand all along.  I feel like that would be a cop out.  He should stay evil.  It just makes it better.  Very cool seeing some old school spy gear from the Howling Commando days and seeing May and Coulson act like Fitz and Simmons was a good laugh.  But the end?  Come on, we know they won’t die, but come on!

Arrow:  The battle is raging.  Very cool to see the action amped up.  I was really hoping that Flash would make an appearance delivering the antidote, but I guess they are saving him for his own show.  Some corny scenes of course, and some things that made me say, “Really?”  But then I remember what show I’m watching and I suspend my disbelief a little more.

So there’s another week down.  Sadly, we are not getting into the season finale time of year.  I will be sad to see Agents of SHIELD and Arrow go but am glad they are both renewed.  Agent Carter, I’m not so sure about, but I know I’ll watch that, and Gotham, and whatever other comic shows come out.  See you here next week, although I may put up some reviews after the finales.  We’ll just see.

Rewinding the week (5.4.2014)

May the Fourth be with you!  Sadly, being where I am, I was unable to spend the whole day sitting around watching Star Wars, but we did celebrate a bit.  More on that later in the week I think.  Anyway, on to the shows from the week that has passed.

Game of Thrones:  I know that the internet was abuzz with the ending of last week’s episode.  It was interesting, I’ll give it that.  I however, was much more upset about the treatment of Hodor.  It was another big change from the book, but one that made me angry.  Not angry because it was a change, but angry because it was Hodor getting picked on.  Come on guys.  Nice to see Pod will continue to be part of the show.  And Tommen is a lucky kid, with so many “kitties” to play with in his bed.  Again, always looking forward to the next episode.

Bob’s Burgers: Louise runs away from home, due to the dentist, and holes up at her Aunt Gail’s house.  If you don’t know Linda’s sister, you are in for a treat.  The most neurotic, insanely delusional aunt there is.  Family craziness makes great comedy.

Family Guy:  I am really liking the Chris-centric episodes that seem to be taking over Family Guy as of later.  This week we got to see him get a girlfriend, who turned out to be Tyrone’s daughter.  It was a great story and actually touched on racism in a manner that was not inappropriate.  (I know I could have just said appropriate, but that’s not how I ever view Family Guy)

The Simpsons: A very artistic couch gag.  Which, I suppose, makes sense, as they must be reaching out to try and do something different.  The next episode is the Lego one, and the 550th in all, which I’m excited for.  This week was standard fare, with Bart impregnating people through voodoo, but did have a nice superhero drinking night at the beginning, which was fun to see.

The Following:  Season finale time, and not too soon for me.  I don’t think I’ll be too excited for the next season.  They wrapped it up pretty well, but you just know that Joe is going to be able to get out and do it all over again.  Seeing him and Ryan teaming up to save Claire was cool, and I would watch more if it was a crazy buddy show like that.  “One is a sociopath cult leader.  The other is the FBI agent sworn to bring him in.  Together they fight crime to save the woman they both love.”  Just imagine that done in the voice of the movie trailer guy.  Gold, right there.

Agents of SHIELD:  It’s hard for me to contain my excitement about this show.  A mention of Man-Thing in the first few minutes?  Awesome.  More action continues as the search for Skye heated up.  Secrets came out, and Dethlok came back.  Damn love, though.  Skye should have just let Ward die, but at least she seems to have sabotaged the hard drive before getting saved by Coulson in an amazing fashion.  And we finally learned who was behind TAHITI.  Spoiler alert: it was the best of the good guys.

So there you have it.  The recap of the normal shows from each week I watch.  As a side note, we also watched Lords of Salem this weekend, a new(er) Rob Zombie film.  I have to say I was rather disappointed.  The plot was convoluted and the ending seemed rushed.  It does not even come close to comparing to his best work, which, in my opinion, was The Devil’s Rejects.

Also, in honor of Star Wars Day, my daughter and I started watching The Clone Saga cartoon show.  Maybe I’ll review it on Cartoons and Cereal, but for now I’ll just say that it was interesting, and that we will probably end up watching a lot more of it.

Have a great week, and stay tuned for more reviews, updates, and thoughts.

Rewinding the Week (4.27.2014)

So another week has passed us by, and here again to give the highlights of television as I saw them, is none other than myself.  Enjoy!

Game of Thrones:  Honestly, if you’re not watching this show, I don’t know what is wrong with you.  Unless you’re blind, in which case I apologize.  The action continues after the death of Joffrey the week before and things continue to heat up.  So much happens that it can be hard to keep track.  It was interesting seeing the new Daario act like a pretty big badass, but still, he doesn’t look the part enough for me.  Maybe next season he’ll be recast again.  Still, awesome stuff.

Agents of SHIELD: A real-life supervillain, Blackout, was on the show, as one of the many people who escaped from the Fridge.  Nice to see some powers in use, even if they aren’t very flashy.  In fact, these ones were the opposite of flashy, but still, nice work.  Patton Oswald, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sorry, spoiler back there I guess.  This show keeps upping the stress levels that I feel when I watch it.  Yes, I know some of the names and can predict some of what happen, but there is so much that is unknown.  May’s mom?  What team is she from?  I’m guessing she is from the SPEAR, the eastern hemisphere version of SHIELD.  Or who knows?  Maybe she is AIM.

Bob’s Burgers: The only Sunday evening cartoon that I think was out this week.  Still, never a disappointment coming from them.  A lump of disgusting whale poop perfume washes ashore and the fight to get the money is on!

Arrow: A shocking death.  I feel that this season seems to be dragging a bit though.  Let’s just get on with the huge fight already.

The Following: Did I even watch this?  If so, it was unmemorable.

Anyways, short week I guess.  I did finish Heroes, season 1, and I must say, it was a well put together show back then.  I’m still excited to watch season 2, as I like Hiro back in the past, but after that, I don’t know if I’ll be able to re-watch the rest.

Also, I finally watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  Awesome stuff.  No real surprises, except for one.  In that movie, and in Agents of SHIELD, people I would not expect, based on their names, turn out to be the traitors.  I just find that weird.  Pierce, Garret, and Sitwell were all very loyal SHIELD agents.  Just an odd fact.

Rewinding the Week (4.20.2014)

Welcome to an Easter edition of Rewinding the Week, a look back at the tv shows that I found good enough to watch.

Game of Thrones: Obviously this one was a big hit.  I mean, it was the episode that everyone was waiting for.  ‘Nuff said.

Agents of SHIELD:  This show keeps getting better and it was very cool to see Patton Oswald guest starring.  Of course, it was also hard to watch as the traitor was being led right back to the team.  ARGH!  I cannot wait to see how the rest of the season plays out.

Bob’s Burgers: A My Little Pony parody.  I must say, I’ve never understood the Bronies, but that’s okay with me too.  I don’t need to.

The Simpsons: The episode was titled “Days of Future Future” which made me think that there would be some X-Men references, but sadly there were not.  Instead, the whole thing was set in the future with clones of Homer living for an extended period of time and Bart encountering a Eternal Sunshine-like process.  Kind of weird, but okay.  I think they truly are running out of ideas now.

Family Guy: Peter becomes cultured and refined.  Does it last?  Are you kidding me?  Of course it doesn’t.

The Following:  Things started to heat up a bit as Ryan Hardy got captured by Joe, and everyone was on the move.  I’m sure that more deaths are coming.  This show is doing okay, but isn’t holding up to the first season.

Arrow: The fight keeps getting worked up more and more between the Arrow and Slade.  Now that Slade has his own army, it looks like it will be some serious trouble.  But I’m sure the Flash will be coming in soon and perhaps will help turn the tables for Oliver.

So that’s it for me this week.  I’ve really been spending a lot of time watching Heroes season 1, and man, I had forgotten what a good show it really was.  Very cool stuff