We’re just 3 comic book aficionados talking about what we like.

Join our reviews, conversations, and thoughts on the days past, present, and future of all things superhero.

T collects and lives in 2099.  As the Alaskan Wildman, he has died and been resurrected, only to be drawn over to evil as the Wrestling Goblin.  He has since retired from the WTW to start a family.  He has a wife and daughter, who’s quickly following in his geeky footsteps.  .

Jim is a Professor of What If? and former World Heavyweight Champion of the World in the off-Broadway WTW.  See more of Jim’s thoughts over here.

Andrew is the worlds largest man, with feet the size of kayaks and a head the size of an standard oven.  He is an avid collector of the Marvel Zombies and even has a few of them living in his skin!

Feel free to email us at giantsizecomicthings@gmail.com with any comments, criticisms, questions or suggestions.

You can also follow us on Twitter: @Giant_Size

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