Master Mold Colored Pencil #fanartfriday


As part of my series of posts about Master Mold, I did a little colored pencil sketch of Master Mold circa Uncanny X-Men 246-247, complete with amalgamated Nimrod purple face. Throw in Dazzler as Fay Wray and the requisite “Wolverine getting blasted to pieces” shot and we get a little piece of giant robot monster mash fun.

The Monday Morning Quarter-Bin: Tales of the Marvel Universe


Tales of the Marvel Universe was quite an anomalous issue – a one-shot, and a collector’s item (I know because Marvel says so on the cover!) that has some of the leftover heroes dealing with the fallout of Marvel’s “core” heroes (The Avengers, Fantastic Four) being sent to the “Heroes Reborn” universe in the wake of the Onslaught cross-over. This issue includes Ka-Zar (and Shanna the She-Devil) hearing the news over Walkman, Scott Lang (Ant-Man!!) and Lyja examining the Baxter Building in the FF’s absence, a special appearance by The Thunderbolts in between their first appearance (Incredible Hulk #449) and the first issue of their own series (which was supposed to make this issue “hot” according to a Wizard magazine circa 1996/7), G.W. Bridge talking to shitty alien-armor War Machine, a confusing meeting between Fake Dr. Doom Kristoff (with cool Dr. Doom/Iron Man looking armor) and a real(?) Dr. Doom, as well as the always intimidating Dreadknight talking about Latveria, and Dr. Strange discovering (spoiler alert) they’re ALIVE, the heroes are ALIVE! Unfortunately, they’re alive being drawn like this:

via Dorkly

So I found Tales of the Marvel Universe for $1.00 at the Boston Comic Con, in good condition. Is it worth it? Well, the issue had always intrigued me from that Wizard issue all those years ago, but ultimately nothing happens in this issue. It’s cool from the standpoint that it shows characters reacting to major events in these major crossovers to give them a little gravitas, however the entire issue is people  talking. So if you can find it for a buck, even then it’s pushing it. However, it does have contributions for many famous 90s artists/writers(Carlos Pacheco, Mark Waid, Klaus Janson, Kurt Busiek) and would make some good multi-autograph bait, but ultimately this issue asks the question: “What If…They Made a Comic Book and Nothing Happened?”

That said, for sale here.

Venom 2099 Custom Figure found in the recesses of the internet

EDIT: The Tripod thing is being weird, so in case the image doesn’t load, here’s The Franchise getting poked in the crotch:

You ever accidentally stumble onto something locked in the bowels of the ancient internet, in the realm of angelfire, static html pages, and in this case, tripod?

Venom 2099! In figure form!

Someone’s swank Venom 2099 custom action figure, located at

Throw another on the Venom 2099 pile! (God I love the internet sometimes)

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Boston Comic-Con Part 3: The Cosplayers

So sorry that this post was delayed a week.  What can I say?  It’s summer, we were camping a while, and still be trying to close on a new house.  But on to the costumes.  We saw a lot of great ones this time around.  Much more than we had seen in Dubai.  We even watched the Cosplay Contest, which had some really spectacular ones.  We did not get a picture of every person we saw, but we were able to get a lot.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.  Sorry for some of the blurred shots during the contest (the contest pix are those with curtain backgrounds).  Our first camera’s battery had run out and I had to use my daughter’s camera for the competition.

Due to the sheer number of photos I put up, I am not going to put a little sentence for each.  Instead I’ll just talk about them briefly here and at the bottom.  That way, if you just want to see the pictures,. and not have to read my thoughts about them, you can do so easily.

So without further delay, here are the cosplayers we saw this year at Boston Comic-Con!

DSC03239 DSC03233 DSC03224 DSC03234 DSC03281 DSC03275 DSC03270 DSC03266 DSC03264 DSC03285 DSC03243 DSC03248 DSC03263 DSC03253 DSC03258 DSC03295 DSC03297 DSC03298 DSC03299 DSC03242 DSC03294 DSC03293 DSC03292 DSC03291 DSC03290 IMG_7195 IMG_7196 DSC03286 DSC03287 DSC03289 IMG_7190 IMG_7189 IMG_7187 IMG_7186 IMG_7184 IMG_7198IMG_7183IMG_7178IMG_7177IMG_7176IMG_7168IMG_7169IMG_7172IMG_7174IMG_7175IMG_7179IMG_7181IMG_7182IMG_7164IMG_7167IMG_7159IMG_7158IMG_7157IMG_7156IMG_7155IMG_7161IMG_7162IMG_7163IMG_7165IMG_7166IMG_7160IMG_7150IMG_7148IMG_7147IMG_7144IMG_7135IMG_7136IMG_7138IMG_7140IMG_7143IMG_7154IMG_7153IMG_7152IMG_7151IMG_7131IMG_7130IMG_7129IMG_7128IMG_7127IMG_7126IMG_7133IMG_7134IMG_7123IMG_7124IMG_7125IMG_7132IMG_7115IMG_7114IMG_7113IMG_7112IMG_7102IMG_7103IMG_7108IMG_7109IMG_7121IMG_7119IMG_7117IMG_7116IMG_7098IMG_7107IMG_7086IMG_7087IMG_7088IMG_7096IMG_7097IMG_7085IMG_7084IMG_7083IMG_7101IMG_7100IMG_7076IMG_7079IMG_7080IMG_7082IMG_7099IMG_7075IMG_7074IMG_7073IMG_7067IMG_7064IMG_7203

So that was that.  I’m sure you might have seen a few pictures of my wife up there.  As I mentioned, many people wanted to get their pic taken with her.  I was very pleased by the number of Bob’s Burgers cosplayers, as I love that show.  Also, I was surprised how many Doctor Who people there were.  I know I didn’t take many pictures of them all, but there were tons of them.  I like the show and all, I just didn’t know it was really so popular.  If you’re unsure of who anyone might be, leave a comment, and I’ll try to help you out with it.

Enjoy and I can’t wait to share more next year.

The Monday Morning Quarter-Bin: Hamster Vice

In case last week you though one “mid 80s indy black and white Miami Vice animal parody comic book” wasn’t enough, in the tradition of “Miami Mice”, I present to you Hamster Vice.

‘ From ComicVine

Unlike Miami Mice, Hamster Vice is not a mere replacement of Miami Vice characters with rats and cheese. This is more along the lines of an alternate version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with three hamster characters, Hammy, Ben and Wolph, who fight Rumble Roach, a giant anthropomorphic cockroach. This one has jokes, character development, and actual writing, and better art, so if you’re left with a choice between Miami Mice and Hamster Vice, go with hamsters, all the way, much like you would when choosing between a pet hamster and pet mouse.

WIP goes to the Boston Comic Con, discusses Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova

Taped from the Boston Comic Con, the What If Podcast features, for the FIRST TIME EVER, all four panelists, The Slim James, Beezy, Andrew The Giant, and Franchise, discussing the Boston Comic Con, Guardians of the Galaxy, What If Nova Was Four Other People, Forearm, and the Sphinx!

Boston Comic Con (part 2: the swag)


So yesterday I talked a little about the convention in general.  Today I’m going to get into the good stuff.  The things I came for.  Signatures and other stuff that required money to be exchanged.

So I was hoping to get a bunch of signatures the first day, then use the second to try and get who I missed as well as get to see everything else.  However, I was amazed that in the first day alone, I was able to get almost every signature that I wanted to.  Young and Garney had canceled, so I didn’t get those.  I also did not get Capullo to sign anything, as he was seated with Scott Snyder and had lines that went on for hours and hours.  Neal Adams didn’t have a huge line at his huge area, but was charging $20 for a signature, so I didn’t get him to sign anything either.  Call me cheap but I’m not about to spend $20 for a name to be written.  Here’s a picture that showcases about half of what I got signed.


I also got a lot of artwork, some of which was for my wife and daughter.  Here’s a general look at the stuff we got that will soon be hanging on our walls.


Here is a complete rundown of what I got signed, and by who.

  • Sergio Aragones: Funnies #1 and Groo #50
  • Simon Bisley: What If? #78.  I got to watch him do some awesome commissions.
  • Nick Bradshaw: Deadpool #46 and 47
  • Mark Brooks: Fantastic Four #588 and Young Avengers: Dark Reign #1
  • Jim Calafiore: Exiles #75 and 76
  • Amanda Conner: Cable and Deadpool #32
  • Geof Isherwood: Dr. Strange #37, 50, 53
  • Adam Kubert: Spider-Man: Dark Reign The List, X-men 2099 #1
  • Norman Lee: What If? AvX #1
  • Mike McKone: Fantastic Four #541 and New Avengers #64.  He would only sign if I bought some stuff, which I was happy to do.
  • Pop Mahn: Thunderbolts #136
  • Jorge Molina: What If? AvX #1 and Avengers: The Initiative #35
  • Carlos Pacheco: Avengers Forever #1 (my favorite!) and Avengers Annual ’98
  • Jimmy Palmiotti: What If? AvX #1 and Punisher 2099 #1
  • Ramon Perez: Deadpool Team-Up 883
  • Khoi Pham: Might Avengers #36 and Age of X Universe #1
  • Khary Randolph: Mutant 2099
  • Tom Raney: Warlock Chronicles #1 and Sentry: Fallen Sun
  • Esad Ribic: Wolverine: Dark Reign The List and House of M #8.  He was doing some painting when I was near and it was entrancing to watch him work.
  • Paul Ryan: Fantastic Four #374 and Ravage 2099 #1
  • Alex Saviuk: Web of Spider-Man #100 and 103
  • Gail Simone: Simpsons’ Tree House of Horror
  • Arthur Suydam: Deadpool Merc with a Mouth #1 and 13
  • Mark Texeira: Ghost Rider #15 and 17.  He made fun of Neal Adams charging so much money for a signature and of the new Ghost Rider.  Great stuff.
  • Frank Tieri: Lethal Legion #1 and Civil War: War Crime
  • Mark Waid: Captain America #1 and Spider-Man House of M #1

Here are the sketches that I had Isherwood do for me.  I loved the Dr. Strange one so much that I had him do another.


I got these two from McKone, and both were signed, one for my wife and one for my daughter.


The guy who does the Superhero Squad also did a free drawing for any kid, so my daughter got a Rogue portrait.


My wife got me a Yoda from some one while I was getting autographs.


And I got her a Darrell from Suydam, who told us that Norman actually has the original one at his house.


And there were a few others that you may have seen in the group shot including some movie posters and little prints.

And my daughter got herself a few toys.  Her favorite X-Men and her favorite character from Star Wars.


Getting those allowed me a lot of time to watch artists create their works and walk around to see everyone.  I pawed through dollar comic long boxes for a while and was able to walk away with about 35 comics, some of which were 4 for a dollar. I will put up a quick review of each one maybe next week.  Not a full article, but a couple sentences or so.

When we were leaving late in the day on Sunday, I had to walk away from several booths who were having last minute sales including buy 2, get 5 for free.  I didn’t have room for it, and I had spent more than enough money already.

There was tons of other stuff that I wanted to buy, and I could have spent thousands of dollars easily.  But I’m happy with what I bought and feel good with what I paid.

Come back tomorrow for the cosplayers!

Boston Comic Con (part 1)


As I did when I traveled to Dubai Comic Con, I will talk about this trip over the course of 3 posts, in 3 days.  The first (this one) will be about the con in general, tomorrow will be the swag and things I got, and we will end with the cosplayers, which were awesome.

You can hear some of our thoughts on the con in the latest WIP (the What If? Podcast), but I’ll give you my side of things. 

My family and I got down to Boston and went right there on Saturday.  We had to wait in a line that was about 3/4 of the way around the actual building.  Luckily, it moved quickly and we got inside in about 30 minutes.  People who hadn’t bought tickets online as we had had to wait in a different line,. which took some of them over 3 hours.

Inside, I was blown away.  The place was huge, and packed.  Booths and tables were every where, selling comics, toys, art, and tons of other stuff.  I had made a game plan for myself on Saturday, and so my wife and daughter spent some time wandering around while I tried to get all my stuff signed.  I’ll talk more about the signatures tomorrow, but I was very pleased with how accessible the artists were and how many I got to see.

A note of disappointment.  Skottie Young canceled.  Nothing against him personally.  I don’t know the guy and I don’t know why he didn’t make it, but I was very disappointed.  I didn’t care too much about getting him to sign some things for me, but I know my daughter had been looking forward to seeing him.  She dressed up as Dorothy from the Oz comics, but alas, was mistaken for Kiki a couple times.

Speaking of costumes, I went as Robin, using a rental from a great costume shop in my town.  My wife though, went as Laurie from the Walking Dead.  Yes, no one really liked Laurie, but being pregnant, she didn’t have too many options.  However, she pulled it off very well.  She got tons of comments, and many people wanted to get her picture.  Good job babe!


There she is posing with a guy dressed as Rick.  We also some a few Carls.

Even though the place was crowded, it seemed well organized and everyone from the staff to the patrons were very polite and thoughtful.  There was a multitude of big names in the comic industry and also a few celebs.  I didn’t get any actor autographs, as they were charging more money than I was willing to spend, but I did get this shot of someone you might recognize as the best ship mechanic flying.


The second day for us, Sunday, was not as crowded, but still felt full.  I had gotten all the signatures I had wanted Saturday, so Sunday was set aside for shopping and making sure that we had really seen everything we wanted.  You’ll see all those great things we got tomorrow.

I hope everyone else who went had a great time and I look forward to hearing about anyone else’s time there.  Come back tomorrow to learn more.

The Monday Morning Quarter-Bin: Miami Mice

In Part 1 of our 2 part “Miami Vice Animal Parody Comic” series, we examine the anomaly of “The Miami Mice” comic.

From ComicVine

Our two protagonists, Rocket and Stubo (Crockett and Tubbs) show up, shoot rats and talk about “cheese” in lieu of drugs. There it is. A black and white mid 80’s indy comic from Rip Off press, it’s at least an interesting addition to my collection. However, as a story itself, it’s very shallow, however. The Miami Mice show up, shoot up the rats, talk about cheese. Rather, rinse, repeat. It seems like a joke in premise only. It’s no Spider-Ham, I’ll say that much.