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The plot thickens.




New Webcomic!

Hey there, internet peoples.  GSCT is proud(ish) to present the start of a brand new addition to our site.  That’s right, a webcomic!  We are almost up-to-date with the early 00s.  Woooooooooo!   Picture Ric Flair in your head while ready the previous wooooooooo for best result.

Anyway, here we go.  This will update once a week, and you can always find the latest one off the homepage, or by clicking the category on the top.  So join us as we follow along the slightly odd adventures of a dead girl.  This will not be anything like Lenore, which I just remembered is a comic about a dead girl.  It’s great, if you haven’t read it.  But this will be different.  First panel goes up later today and then check back each Sunday for another installment!