Comic Reviews

The What If? Podcast *BONUS*

The What If? Podcast #16

Fantastic Team Ups  #1

The Cross and the Switchblade

The What If? Podcast #15

Super-Villain Team-Up #17

Zombie Sub-920

The Holy Awesome

The Phantom Eagle

Worth #1

Pax Romana #1

Secret #1

The Secret Adventures of Houdini

The What If? Podcast #14 – Defenders of Netflix!

Rooster Roux – Steve Harvey makes a comic!  Whoo-hoo?

X-Factor #71 – A true quarter bin find

Black Powder #1 – Pirates of the Americas

Inhumans #4 – The best team of genetically altered humans

Complex #1 – An eerie intro to a familiar, yet intriguing tale

The Venom 2099 Saga (part 5) – The end of the saga

Lady Mechanika #0

The Venom 2099 Saga (part 4)

The What If? Podcast #13

Atomic Robo #1

The Venom 2099 Saga (part 3)

The What If? Podcast #12

The What If? Podcast #11

Chew #1

The What If? Podcast #10

The Venom 2099 Saga (part 2)

The What If? Podcast #9

The Avengers 12.1 – An apparent jumping on point to a series that has long since wrapped up

The Venom 2099 Saga (part 1) – Jim looks back at a storyline that has taken him years to collect

The What If? Podcast #8 – This time it’s Thor that vanishes

Evil Tree #1 – A horror comic starts with a predictable plot

The What If? Podcast #7 – The Age of Ultron series continues

Change – A crazy tale that should be re-read again and again

Marvel’s Civil War (part 5) – The story continue, with sides switching action!

Thief of Thieves – Another strong issue one, but is it strong enough?

Detective Honeybear – Part 2 of Kid’s Week

What If? Podcast #6 – The first of a few Age of Ultron What If?s

Marvel’s Civil War (part 4) – The next chapter of one of the biggest events in history

What If? Podcast #5 – The Captain America Man-Thing Conspiracy!

Superduck and the Complicated Absolute Meringue Cake – Part one of Kid’s Week at Free Comics Now!

What If? Podcast #4 – The Avengers!

Blackhawk – Another quarter bin find!

Iron Man #521 – An alright storyline hidden amongst less appealing ones

What If? Podcast #3 – A look at the X-Men, with special in-studio guest, Andrew the Giant

Marvel’s Civil War (part 3) – After the shocking reveal last time, who knows what will happen next.  (Still waiting on Lincoln to show up)

The Amazing Spider-Man #36 – The story of the worst day in New York (no, really)

Police Academy: The Comic – An unlikely find in the quarter bin

Marvel’s Civil War (part 2) – Andrew continues his history lesson in chapter two of the Civil War

What If? Podcast #2 – The Fantastic Four as seen in multiple universes

The Manhattan Projects #1 – What really happened in 1942?

Sex Criminals #1 – That’s right, SEX Criminals

What If? Podcast #1 – The only podcast that dares to ask “What if?”

Saga #1 – A look at the first issue of a series that has drawn much attention

Marvel’s Civil War (part 1) – A look back at the series that drew Andrew back into comics

Batman Black and White – A comic review on some of the stories from the 1996 collection

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