Is that a 3-D Jaws card?

photo 4 (2)

Why, yes it is.

As part of my ongoing quest to finish setting up our house, I have found myself going through many things and trying to find a place for them.  This week, I was able to do a few things, so expect a couple updates within the next week.  Sorry these aren’t as Crafty as I would have liked, but if you stick them out, I did do a mini-craft that I will post.

On this site we are going to look through many collections that I have been putting together all my life.  One of the first things that I had to go through was my card collection.  I don’t mean greeting cards, or sports cards here.  Although I do still have a box of old baseball cards that I should go through.  And I didn’t include my Magic cards, as there are just too many, and I need to sell most of them.  Interested? Email us.

No, here I’m going to talk about my comic and miscellaneous, and random other ones that I had acquired, including some that I just bought last month.


Here is my collection, or most of it, semi-sorted into groups.  We got some Marvel cards, X-Force, X-Men, Spider-Man, Heavy Metal magazine covers, Arthur Suydam artwork, some Marvel game, TMNT TV show cards, Archer, and even one lone DC card.  That’s right, Gangbuster, in all of his glory.

My original plan was to narrow done these cards to a core group that were the best of the best and represented the interests I had.  This didn’t take as long as I thought it would.  Many cards I eliminated just because I didn’t like the way that they looked (sorry X-Force).  Some because I just had no interest in them (Marvel game and Heavy Metal).  I mean, don’t get me wrong, some of those cards were cool, but I just don’t think that I liked them enough to put them on display.

Finally I got the ones that I thought were good enough, and diverse enough, to add to my wanna-be-shelf-porn library.  As you can see, I only got vertical ones, and I did include two sketch cards and a Magic card.  I thought that this would look good in a tasteful frame.

imageTop row, left to right, they are:  Archer (Sterling Duchess), the Deadpool card from the polybagged X-Force #1 (worthless, utterly worthless, even in the bags), a Groot sketch card from last year in Boston.

Middle row: Glow in the dark Ghost Rider, Arthur Suydam artwork, Avengers team card.

Bottom: Aces Weekly sketch card from Dubai Comic-Con, Marvel “comedy” card, MTG Dark Ritual card (not a rare, but a solid card to have in a black deck).

As luck would have it, I was able to find several nice frames at Goodwill, which was having a huge sale.  So I was getting frames for under a dollar.  These were nice, too.  You’ll see some of them in a later post.  Unfortunately, the sheets of cards would not fit. So I had to do a bit of cutting and re-arranging.  In the process, I switched out a couple of cards.  This was mostly done to make it fit, but I also think it looks a bit nicer now, with the horizontal cards.

photo 4

As you can see, I took out the Avengers card, the hilarious Marvel “joke”, and the Ghost Rider.  Looking back now, I think I want to put the Ghost Rider back in and take out the Magic card, but maybe that would just be too much Marvel.  In case you can’t tell from the glare, the two horizontal cards that I put in are the Jaws card, and one of Kraven the Hunter with a gunshot wound to the head, which isn’t in the original Kraven’s Last Hunt (or Fearful Symmetry for you snobs), I don’t think.

So where does this go?  Well, for now, it goes under my shelf of many things.


Someday that will require updating, and so someday, that too will be an article here on Giant-Size Comic Things, your home for stuff about comics and things.  Think you got a better catch phrase? Leave it in the comments.