Boston Comic Con (part 2: the swag)


So yesterday I talked a little about the convention in general.  Today I’m going to get into the good stuff.  The things I came for.  Signatures and other stuff that required money to be exchanged.

So I was hoping to get a bunch of signatures the first day, then use the second to try and get who I missed as well as get to see everything else.  However, I was amazed that in the first day alone, I was able to get almost every signature that I wanted to.  Young and Garney had canceled, so I didn’t get those.  I also did not get Capullo to sign anything, as he was seated with Scott Snyder and had lines that went on for hours and hours.  Neal Adams didn’t have a huge line at his huge area, but was charging $20 for a signature, so I didn’t get him to sign anything either.  Call me cheap but I’m not about to spend $20 for a name to be written.  Here’s a picture that showcases about half of what I got signed.


I also got a lot of artwork, some of which was for my wife and daughter.  Here’s a general look at the stuff we got that will soon be hanging on our walls.


Here is a complete rundown of what I got signed, and by who.

  • Sergio Aragones: Funnies #1 and Groo #50
  • Simon Bisley: What If? #78.  I got to watch him do some awesome commissions.
  • Nick Bradshaw: Deadpool #46 and 47
  • Mark Brooks: Fantastic Four #588 and Young Avengers: Dark Reign #1
  • Jim Calafiore: Exiles #75 and 76
  • Amanda Conner: Cable and Deadpool #32
  • Geof Isherwood: Dr. Strange #37, 50, 53
  • Adam Kubert: Spider-Man: Dark Reign The List, X-men 2099 #1
  • Norman Lee: What If? AvX #1
  • Mike McKone: Fantastic Four #541 and New Avengers #64.  He would only sign if I bought some stuff, which I was happy to do.
  • Pop Mahn: Thunderbolts #136
  • Jorge Molina: What If? AvX #1 and Avengers: The Initiative #35
  • Carlos Pacheco: Avengers Forever #1 (my favorite!) and Avengers Annual ’98
  • Jimmy Palmiotti: What If? AvX #1 and Punisher 2099 #1
  • Ramon Perez: Deadpool Team-Up 883
  • Khoi Pham: Might Avengers #36 and Age of X Universe #1
  • Khary Randolph: Mutant 2099
  • Tom Raney: Warlock Chronicles #1 and Sentry: Fallen Sun
  • Esad Ribic: Wolverine: Dark Reign The List and House of M #8.  He was doing some painting when I was near and it was entrancing to watch him work.
  • Paul Ryan: Fantastic Four #374 and Ravage 2099 #1
  • Alex Saviuk: Web of Spider-Man #100 and 103
  • Gail Simone: Simpsons’ Tree House of Horror
  • Arthur Suydam: Deadpool Merc with a Mouth #1 and 13
  • Mark Texeira: Ghost Rider #15 and 17.  He made fun of Neal Adams charging so much money for a signature and of the new Ghost Rider.  Great stuff.
  • Frank Tieri: Lethal Legion #1 and Civil War: War Crime
  • Mark Waid: Captain America #1 and Spider-Man House of M #1

Here are the sketches that I had Isherwood do for me.  I loved the Dr. Strange one so much that I had him do another.


I got these two from McKone, and both were signed, one for my wife and one for my daughter.


The guy who does the Superhero Squad also did a free drawing for any kid, so my daughter got a Rogue portrait.


My wife got me a Yoda from some one while I was getting autographs.


And I got her a Darrell from Suydam, who told us that Norman actually has the original one at his house.


And there were a few others that you may have seen in the group shot including some movie posters and little prints.

And my daughter got herself a few toys.  Her favorite X-Men and her favorite character from Star Wars.


Getting those allowed me a lot of time to watch artists create their works and walk around to see everyone.  I pawed through dollar comic long boxes for a while and was able to walk away with about 35 comics, some of which were 4 for a dollar. I will put up a quick review of each one maybe next week.  Not a full article, but a couple sentences or so.

When we were leaving late in the day on Sunday, I had to walk away from several booths who were having last minute sales including buy 2, get 5 for free.  I didn’t have room for it, and I had spent more than enough money already.

There was tons of other stuff that I wanted to buy, and I could have spent thousands of dollars easily.  But I’m happy with what I bought and feel good with what I paid.

Come back tomorrow for the cosplayers!