A Slideshow showing the synthesis of Machine Man-Thing 2099

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When I had this silly idea, I figured it would be best to keep it simple and do an homage to two of the more famous covers of the 70s, Machine Man #1 and Man-Thing #1. Using the wonders of MS Paint, I put together a hideous amalgamation ¬†and sent it over to my man Turner. What he sent back to me was better than I hoped for. He’s truly talented.

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Machine Man-Thing 2099 Fan Art Comic (pdf) #fanartfriday

Here’s a link to a pdf collecting all four pages of Machine Man-Thing 2099, our little fan-art piece. Hope you enjoy!

Courtesy of Gentleman & Scholar Comics.

Machine Man-Thing 2099!


The last page in Gentleman & Scholar Comics’ fan-art piece smushing three pounds of awesome into a one pound bag, Machine Man-Thing 2099! Special thanks to our inker extraordinaire and uber-talented artist all around, Turner, for helping me realize this wacky daydream into something resembling reality. As G&S Comics plugs away at our next releases, Tex Arkana and Over The Top Tales 2, it was fun to throw up a little piece of fan art mayhem, and the splash/character model Turner did for this final page inspired me to write and sketch the first three to give him the backstory he deserves.

Check out:

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

As well as a couple more posts upcoming around this whole thing!

Pi Day (Part 2)

So today is Pi Day, being 3/14, the day to celebrate the ratio of a circle’s circumference to it’s radius (or somesuch), and was also the cause for celebration at Casablanca Comics in Portland, ME. That, along 3/14 marking their 27th (!) anniversary led to a perfect storm of awesomeness: free pie and 27% off back issues. Comics, baked goods, and savings? Three of my favorite things. So after venturing into the city, I got a slice of apple and a copy of Man-Thing #5. Despite being a dispenser of the hateorade for Man-Thing at various points, I was drawn to this issue in particular because recently I discovered a YouTube video of an audio record for the same story, and found the story intriguing, with a pure pulp horror novel appeal that’s probably what earned Man-Thing any “cult” following he might have (and also underscore why he probably couldn’t carry a monthly book for any long period of time). So, let’s hear it for Pi Day, as another excuse to read comics!

-PS, let’s run through all the “days” of March:

  1. 3/11 day, for all you people who want to party like it’s 2000
  2. 3/14, Pi day, a day for geometry, baking, and comic books (apparently)
  3. 3/15, the Ides of March. Et tu, Man-Thing?
  4. 3/16, national Stone Cold Steve Austin Day (Austin March 16th says I just whooped yer ass)
  5. 3/17, St. Patrick’s Day. They should’ve never cancelled The Black Donellys. Nevah!