What’s coming up (in May)

Well, the mystery of why Marvel wasn’t a big part of the previous Previews was solved.  Of course, I’m sure if I had looked carefully I would have been able to glean the information from said Previews.  Or I could have researched it online.  The internet has everything you know, including this!
Secret Wars is huge!  I mean, it’s all over the cover and then runs rampant throughout the entire magazine.  This is it.  The next big thing.  Everything will change, except a few things, and then everything will change again later.  At least, that’s the expectation of everyone on the internet.  I think that it could be cool, but will probably be bogged down by stuff.  I’d like to believe, but when it comes to comic books, I’m a bit of an agnostic.

So it appears to be the regular Marvel Universe is going to be colliding with the Ultimate Universe and NEITHER WILL SURVIVE!


There’s some preview art, including sad Apocalypse.
I learned a lot about this event from the magazine and here’s what I can piece together.
With universes colliding, all the different versions of characters are getting thrown together in the “battleworlds” to fight until there is one left standing.  (There can only be one Highlander, I mean, Black Knight.  Oh man, I hope Martin Laurence is in there as an alternate version of Dane Whitman.)  After the battles conclude, a new Universe will emerge featuring the champion characters.  I’m probably far off, but hey, weirder things have happened.
I like the look of Secret Wars: Battleworld #1.  I mean, how could I not?


Two other great old(er) stories are making re-appearances.  Infinity Gauntlet (maybe tied to the movies?) and Old Man Logan, both of which I loved.
I might have to check out the Old Man, but Infinity doesn’t quite have that Starlin feel to it, which I feel is a big part of the story.  image
Then, there is Secret Wars 2099, which is, of course, my jam.  But it better have Ravage.

M.O.D.O.K. also has his own series going on.  It’s only a 5-part story, so that might be worth checking out.
Howard the Duck is mentioned, and oddly it includes preview art of issue 1.  I say “oddly” because the pages it gives away for free include the last page of issue 1.  Very odd.  Speaking of odd, did you know Night Nurse is getting her own nod.  Super-sized-one-shot-nod.  For $8.  Are you kidding?
In the hardcover/collected edition section, there is a good selection of Ant-Man stuff, just in time for the movie and Raoul Pudd’s rise to superhero stardom.  Some Daredevil, since Netflix is looking to do better than Affleck did.  But nothing back there really draws me to it.
Overall, there is a lot of stuff Marvel puts out that I just don’t know or care about anymore.  It’s kind of sad, because I used to love the whole connected universe.   It makes me wonder how big of an impact the people in charge are willing to let Secret Wars have, given that there are so many ongoing titles that would be affected by a giant-sized reboot.
There were a lot of things that I am interested in, though I don’t know if I’m willing to commit money to them.  I also noticed that Deadpool wasn’t featured quite so prominently as he has been in the past.  Perhaps his popularity has waned enough that there won’t be three new mini-series announced each quarter.

So that’s it for Marvel in May.  Of course I skipped a lot, so if you’re really interested in more, I apologize, but it seemed boring.  Good-bye and good reading from your home for giant-sized comic stuff.

One thought on “What’s coming up (in May)

  1. Why bother wasting our time with info on series that no one would ever like? What about the real big event, Secret Wars? That’s all that matters.

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