Project #1 – Bedside Mario

Well, as I mentioned in an earlier article, and probably several other times as well, with this new year brings some new columns to GSCT, one of which debuts today, here, right now.

Behold, and welcome to, the House of Geekery (or Geek Chic, or something else.  I haven’t really made up my mind yet).

We want to start off small, but the goal of this is to Geek up our new house and be able to display our geekery without looking cluttered or just plain weird.  I will be honest in saying that this was inspired by Our Nerd Home, which you should really check out, as it is awesome.  We might even do some projects that are directly referenced from them.  If we can achieve a small part of what they have done, I will consider this a success.

So, let’s get into it for today.  Most of our work will be focused in the library of the house, but today we are going into the bedroom.  More specifically, we are looking at the side of the bed where I lay my head, and how to make it a bit more exciting.  As you can see, I just had this lamp.

imageNot very wondrous to behold, is it?  No, I suppose now.  I was content to leave it be, and simply adorn it with whatever comes out of my pockets at night.  But then, Christmas came, and with it, a gift that put a spark in my mind.


That, my friends, is a large Mario mushroom coin bank, that came with a pair of sleeper boxers inside.  Two gifts in one!  I think I was more excited by the bank than the shorts but still!  Awesome!  I thought about how best to use this, when I stumbled upon some crafts we had made long ago but brought with us when we moved.

imageThose are just little beads that were melted together with an iron.  Simple projects, and we had some from all aspects of the geek world.  Unfortunately, we never had anything to actually use them with.  Flash forward to now and with just a little hot glue, I have a brand new beside!


And that’s how easy it was.  I kind of wish I had put some of the pieces closer, but I’ll save that for next time.  And there you have it.  An easy task, but something that definitely adds an air of superiority.

Next time, models take flight in the library!


2 thoughts on “Project #1 – Bedside Mario

  1. That looks horrible. You have no business making things or writing about anything. Please stop doing it now. Our Nerd Home is, and always will be, far superior to you and everything you do.

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