A New Year!

Hello and welcome to GSCT.  I”m you’re guide today, and I must say, it’s been a while.  You’re looking good, as usual.  Me?  Well, I don’t think I lost some weight but thanks for saying so anyway.  Well, here we are.  Finally, it’s 2015.  Everyone needs to be on the lookout for time travelers, be they mutant or hoverboard riders (or mutant hoverboard riders for that matter).

With a new year, we here at GSCT and proud and excited to announce that we will have some new content appearing on this page.  You’ve already seen the start of a new comic that is ongoing.  We also have a former writer (me) is coming back to us and bringing with him a whole host of things.  New baby, new house, in a new country, and with new things to discuss.

The new house has finally allowed me and my family to start what I had always hoped would be the other half of this website.  Not only will we continue to discuss all things comic-related, but we will also be starting to spread the geekery through our home.  The column name may be changing over time, but expect a once-a-month home project.

The other columns I had will be on continued hiatus, but we might see some slip in now and then.  Once a week, at least, is my goal for this year for site updates.  I’m sorry that it won’t be more, but hopefully this will be better than nothing.

I’ll see you in a day or two with project number one.

Stay warm, and stay geeky!


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