An Event in 4 Parts: Part 3, the Family Secret

By now, you may have seen two articles talking about the Marvel event, Original Sin.  This would be the third, and refers to the tie-in series, Original Sin 5.1-5 Thor and Loki: the Tenth Realm, which is even more of a mouthful than the last one was.  Like the Hulk vs Iron Man story, this story spins out of the events of Original Sin #3, where secrets are leaked to many people because of a Watcher eye exploding.  You would think, from the numbering of this, that it would start after issue 3, but that is not really the case.  Like the other series, this is an independent story, and it not closely tied to the main event book.

I’m not going to bother with any spoiler-free reviews, so read at your own risk.

#1 So I will start off by telling you that I had already heard what the big news was.  I think that a lot of people did too, especially those people who go to comic book websites, like yourself.  It was way back, at the end of Age of Ultron, that Angela first was seen in a Marvel comic.  Even then, I learned that she was meant to be a character who had been around the whole time.  I also heard that she was going to be grouped with Asgardians and even that she would be Thor’s sister.  I didn’t know much at all about Angela, besides the fact that Neil Gaiman had worked on her, and that she was in Spawn for a while.  Luckily, none of that matters, as Thor just sees that he has a sister, and so goes to his mom (where is Odin?) to ask about it.  She tells him the story of how long ago, Odin cast the tenth realm, the realm of angels, off of Yggdrasil.  Thor decides to investigate this and so finds Loki, a young form of him and the two set off.  It turns out that there is also a future version of Loki who is watching everything, just to add a layer of confusion in.

#2 Okay, so now I think that Angela has been in the MU for a while, as part of the Guardians of the Galaxy.  I don’t read that, so I don’t really know, but that is how it looks.  Issue 2 goes by quickly.  Loki and Thor make it to the tenth realm.  Thor hits on the angels they meet.  The angels attack Thor and Loki sneaks inside to make peace.  Angela appears at the end, ready to fight.  That’s it.  The whole issue comes down to nothing else.

#3 This one makes up for #2 a bit.  We learn Angela knows Stark (maybe from GotG?).  Loki is just talking as Thor is getting beaten up.  We get to see the back story of the angels.  Long ago, they helped protect early humans from the Asgardians, who loved to bully them.  It turns out that Odin had hired the angels to protect his people.  We later see Odin and the angelic leader arguing.  It appears that the angels betrayed them.  Odin mentions honor to the angel, who doesn’t care about that at all.  She says that it is nothing, and it is shown that the angels care more about riches.  Thor is almost killed by Angela, who stops at the request of Loki, (now a woman) who has joined the side of angels.

#4 Loki is known for his betrayals, and so it comes as no surprise that he was really on Thor’s side all along.  He helps Thor get free, and then runs off to the prison of the gods, where he frees Odin.  Odin was trapped there?  Apparently.  Thor, being free, calls down a storm upon the angels, which does some serious damage.  But then the story ends.

I don’t have #5.  I think it comes out next month, which is long after the main series has ended.  Again, it is not too important, as this does not directly tie into the event, but it is a bit of an odd schedule.  Will I get number 5?  Maybe.  I didn’t really get too into this story, so I could probably do without it.  We will see.

Overall: meh.  Maybe if I had not already heard the news about Angela, I would have found this to be more interesting.


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