An Event in 4 Parts: Part 2, the big fight

I’ve already talked about the main series, Original Sin.  However, spinning out of that came a few other comics, which I will talk about as well.  The first up to review is Original Sin 3.1-3.4 Hulk vs Iron Man.  What a mouthful of a title.  Anyways, this starts off in Original Sin #3, in which the Watcher’s eye explodes and gives people some secrets.  Hulk and Iron Man are two people who get such secrets.  Let’s change the format a bit though.  Here, I will put my spoiler-free review up first for those of you who want to see it.

The art in this series is decent.  Nothing that makes me too excited, but is consistently good nonetheless.  The writing is fine, but I do get a little tired of reading how different characters interacted with each other.  It just doesn’t make sense that every big event has to be connected to everyone else.  That being said, this one was done in a way that seemed close to being natural, which is always appreciated.  This series is not needed to understand the main event, and is only tied to it briefly by the fact that the secrets came out because of Uatu’s death.

#1 Tony and Bruce each get each others’ memories of a certain event.  A certain, gamma-bomb-test event.  You know the one.  Anyways, it turns out that way back then, Tony and Bruce were kind of buddies and scienced together on occasion.  But then came the day when Banner was presenting to the military about the bomb and Tony burst in.  Stark was drunk, of course, and ran his mouth off about how to make the bomb even more destructive, which was not Banner’s goal at all.  Not a big secret there, but the memory Banner got was a bit more alarming.  Stark had sneaked onto the site the night before the test and, drunk as can be, fiddled around with the bomb.  Does that mean that he is responsible for the Hulk?  Why not?  Marvel loves to tie character’s histories together.

#2  Both parties are now trying to investigate what really happened.  Bruce wants to know what Tony did, and Tony wants to know what he was doing, so drunk, so long ago.  Stark looks for clues at the motel where they had stayed before the test and we get a flashback of an argument.  Again, Tony is drunk, and this time, acts even more like an ass.  Banner realizes that the army probably paid Stark to do it, so he checks Pentagon files and sees that Stark was paid, half a million dollars and 2 bottles of scotch.  Now, here is where I realized that I don’t know enough about what is happening in Iron Man’s life theses days.  So there’s an Arno Stark?  And he runs Troy, which is a city Iron Man built off the coast of China?  Huh?  In any case, Banner tricks Arno into giving him an Extremis upgrade and now he is Smart Hulk (or, as he is commonly known, Professor Hulk).

#3 The real fight is itching to get underway.  Hulk is angry and does some smashing.  Stark sees this (from very far away) and runs like a coward.  He does manage to find an old phone (his first cell phone) which he had back then and is able to extract more data that helps his memories come back.  Hulk attacks him in Troy, smashing through the city.  Luckily, there is an evacuation plan for the people, who are encased in some sort of metallic shell which flies away.  I’m sure that’s not at all alarming to anyone.  I hope that people aren’t trapped without air or anything.  Where do the shells go?  Who knows.  Now that the city is empty, Iron Man brings out the hidden weapons, but they can’t stop the Hulk.  Instead, Hulk plays dumb and lures Iron Man in, just to get hit hard.  Iron Man does escape into the undercity, but we are left hanging, waiting for one more secret to come to light.

#4 Well here we start off seeing Iron Man captured and in a broken shell of armor, at the mercy of the Hulk.  They are both now at the test site, back in New Mexico.  Hulk is not Banner, but instead kind of seems like a big weirdo.  Iron Man manages to project something, a 3D schematic of some sort, which calms the Hulk down and Banner comes back out.  We get another flashback that shows that the change Stark had made to the bomb.  It turns out that the heat shields, the ones that Banner had wanted to make sure that it wasn’t too big of a blast, were actually going to make the explosion much bigger.  So instead of being the reason the bomb changed Banner to the Hulk, it ended up saving his life.  BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Tony had one more secret.  That night, so many years ago, he had sent Banner an email, telling him that the bomb could actually result in changing or mutating bio-matter.  Banner was too proud to look at the email though, and just deleted it.

Pride: it is a sin.  I found it interesting that they used one of the seven deadly sins in here.


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