Some artwork to share out

So, it’s been a while since I did any real drawing.  I say “real drawing” because I have, of course, done some doodles over the years, but I have not just sat down with the idea of drawing in far too long.

So, last week, I forced myself to.  I made myself draw for about an hour a day.  I actually did more than that, but that had been my goal.  I did pencils and then inked them, as I love doing black and white art.  As the drawings were definitely comic book related, I present them to you, internet.


Here is the Punisher, which was the first one I did.  I used an old Punisher video game ad as a guide.  Not that great, but okay for a warm up.


Here was the next one.  M.O.D.O.K. (as if you didn’t know).  I don’t know why he has Norman Osborn hair, but I think it works alright.


And the weirdest Inhuman, Lockjaw.  I am still mystified and confused by this character.  Was he a human who became a dog, or did the Inhumans put a pet through the Terrigen Mists?  Either way, here he is lifting a leg to pee all over something or other.


Finally, I did a team picture.  And of course, I did the most famous superhero team of all time, the GLA.  In case you didn’t know, I love the GLA.

Well, I hope you enjoyed taking a small look at some artwork.  Comments?  Criticisms?  Requests?  Let me know in the comments.




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