The Monday Morning Quarter-Bin: Monday Morning Master Mold (Pt 2)

Last time on the MMQB, I reviewed Uncanny X-Men 246, detailing how the previously anti-hero-inclined Nimrod touched a piece of the Master Mold and became a big giant amalgamated robot, facing off against the Ms. Marvel-uniform-clad Rogue, with Robert Kelly’s wife, Sharon, injured in the initial blast.

From Marvel.Wikia

First off, I love the magenta-hued cover, which plays off of what is to come in the issue, as well as Nimrod/Master Mold’s fuchsia-face. We open with a big ol’ splash page of Havok, Dazzler, and Storm blasting Master Mold. Excellent, this is comics. We get a POV from Master Mold, all digitized, telling us he is having trouble identifying the X-Men. Of note, we get forgettable X-Man Gateway telling Robert Kelly she can’t save his injured wife. I’m sure that’ll go over well with his anti-mutant agenda.

More battling with the giant Master Mold ensues, including a nice panel “looking through dust” at the encroaching robot. The X-Men think they have it beat with some good ol’ fashioned butt-whooping, but it couldn’t be that easy, right?

Cut to Jubilee (pre-90s Jubilee, so no April O’Neil jacket) in Dazzler’s Australian bungalow? I’m not sure, and I don’t feel like researching this plot thread.

The Master Mold reassembles! Drawing from the construction site where Nimrod touched to the piece of Master Mold, the big giant robot reconstitutes itself, bigger, stronger, and better able to adapt to the mutant powers of the X-Men. This cause Dazzler to be knocked into a hole, prompting the ever caring Rogue to remark “Can’t worry about her now, Spunky. Got probs of our own.”

Soon Colossus rips off one of Master Mold’s legs, but it does little, and he knocks Colossus out. Knowing a death knell is needed, Rogue absorbs Colussus’ power (just a bit) and we get this amazing image:


A tri-amalgamation of Colossus, Rogue, and Ms. Marvel?! Absolutely!! Ms. Roguelossus flies up to space for an orbital fastball special, crashing down into Master Mold from on high (how she didn’t create such a shock as to collapse at least the surrounding city block is another of those comic physics mysteries).

Its severed head now down in the hole containing Dazzler, Dazz attempts to use the Siege Perilous on Moldy, but it takes Rogue with him! Somewhere in this, the anti-hero side of Nimrod takes over again, telling the Master Mold to destroy itself because it’s “mutated” by amalgamating with ‘Rod (Master Mold’s “Prime Directive”, kill all mutants, itself mutates to a Futurama-like “kill all humans” after it realizes humans are the progenitors of mutants, and because Mold itself has mutated, it must destroy itself as well).

Is Rogue still alive somewhere? How will Robert Kelly be affected by the death of his wife in a mutant-related skirmish? Who is this egg-person on the last page? Alas, I’ll probably dip out of the late 80s X-Men timestream for now, so those will have to wait for some other time.

Much like the last issue, this is a “buy it if you can find it cheap” recommend on my part. Big giant robots, stealing powers, and more big giant robots make this a fun issue to read, and the team of Claremont and Silvestri add a sense of credibility to what are ostensibly utterly ridiculous premises.


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