The Monday Morning Quarter-Bin: Tales of the Marvel Universe


Tales of the Marvel Universe was quite an anomalous issue – a one-shot, and a collector’s item (I know because Marvel says so on the cover!) that has some of the leftover heroes dealing with the fallout of Marvel’s “core” heroes (The Avengers, Fantastic Four) being sent to the “Heroes Reborn” universe in the wake of the Onslaught cross-over. This issue includes Ka-Zar (and Shanna the She-Devil) hearing the news over Walkman, Scott Lang (Ant-Man!!) and Lyja examining the Baxter Building in the FF’s absence, a special appearance by The Thunderbolts in between their first appearance (Incredible Hulk #449) and the first issue of their own series (which was supposed to make this issue “hot” according to a Wizard magazine circa 1996/7), G.W. Bridge talking to shitty alien-armor War Machine, a confusing meeting between Fake Dr. Doom Kristoff (with cool Dr. Doom/Iron Man looking armor) and a real(?) Dr. Doom, as well as the always intimidating Dreadknight talking about Latveria, and Dr. Strange discovering (spoiler alert) they’re ALIVE, the heroes are ALIVE! Unfortunately, they’re alive being drawn like this:

via Dorkly

So I found Tales of the Marvel Universe for $1.00 at the Boston Comic Con, in good condition. Is it worth it? Well, the issue had always intrigued me from that Wizard issue all those years ago, but ultimately nothing happens in this issue. It’s cool from the standpoint that it shows characters reacting to major events in these major crossovers to give them a little gravitas, however the entire issue is people  talking. So if you can find it for a buck, even then it’s pushing it. However, it does have contributions for many famous 90s artists/writers(Carlos Pacheco, Mark Waid, Klaus Janson, Kurt Busiek) and would make some good multi-autograph bait, but ultimately this issue asks the question: “What If…They Made a Comic Book and Nothing Happened?”

That said, for sale here.


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