The Monday Morning Quarter-Bin: Hamster Vice

In case last week you though one “mid 80s indy black and white Miami Vice animal parody comic book” wasn’t enough, in the tradition of “Miami Mice”, I present to you Hamster Vice.

‘ From ComicVine

Unlike Miami Mice, Hamster Vice is not a mere replacement of Miami Vice characters with rats and cheese. This is more along the lines of an alternate version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with three hamster characters, Hammy, Ben and Wolph, who fight Rumble Roach, a giant anthropomorphic cockroach. This one has jokes, character development, and actual writing, and better art, so if you’re left with a choice between Miami Mice and Hamster Vice, go with hamsters, all the way, much like you would when choosing between a pet hamster and pet mouse.


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