Boston Comic Con (part 1)


As I did when I traveled to Dubai Comic Con, I will talk about this trip over the course of 3 posts, in 3 days.  The first (this one) will be about the con in general, tomorrow will be the swag and things I got, and we will end with the cosplayers, which were awesome.

You can hear some of our thoughts on the con in the latest WIP (the What If? Podcast), but I’ll give you my side of things. 

My family and I got down to Boston and went right there on Saturday.  We had to wait in a line that was about 3/4 of the way around the actual building.  Luckily, it moved quickly and we got inside in about 30 minutes.  People who hadn’t bought tickets online as we had had to wait in a different line,. which took some of them over 3 hours.

Inside, I was blown away.  The place was huge, and packed.  Booths and tables were every where, selling comics, toys, art, and tons of other stuff.  I had made a game plan for myself on Saturday, and so my wife and daughter spent some time wandering around while I tried to get all my stuff signed.  I’ll talk more about the signatures tomorrow, but I was very pleased with how accessible the artists were and how many I got to see.

A note of disappointment.  Skottie Young canceled.  Nothing against him personally.  I don’t know the guy and I don’t know why he didn’t make it, but I was very disappointed.  I didn’t care too much about getting him to sign some things for me, but I know my daughter had been looking forward to seeing him.  She dressed up as Dorothy from the Oz comics, but alas, was mistaken for Kiki a couple times.

Speaking of costumes, I went as Robin, using a rental from a great costume shop in my town.  My wife though, went as Laurie from the Walking Dead.  Yes, no one really liked Laurie, but being pregnant, she didn’t have too many options.  However, she pulled it off very well.  She got tons of comments, and many people wanted to get her picture.  Good job babe!


There she is posing with a guy dressed as Rick.  We also some a few Carls.

Even though the place was crowded, it seemed well organized and everyone from the staff to the patrons were very polite and thoughtful.  There was a multitude of big names in the comic industry and also a few celebs.  I didn’t get any actor autographs, as they were charging more money than I was willing to spend, but I did get this shot of someone you might recognize as the best ship mechanic flying.


The second day for us, Sunday, was not as crowded, but still felt full.  I had gotten all the signatures I had wanted Saturday, so Sunday was set aside for shopping and making sure that we had really seen everything we wanted.  You’ll see all those great things we got tomorrow.

I hope everyone else who went had a great time and I look forward to hearing about anyone else’s time there.  Come back tomorrow to learn more.


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