Countdown to Comic Con: 1 Day to Go!

Okay, so I know that some people were probably at Comic Con down in Boston today.  But for me, it begins tomorrow.  Saturday and Sunday we will be at the Boston Comic Con, hunting down deals, getting some signature swag, and of course, checking out everything.

Expect lots of pictures and write-ups to come.  There will even be a special What If? Podcast done Saturday night.

As for me, my comics are ready.  Tickets are all printed for the con, train, and hotel.  Costumes are a go (although my wife is just finishing up the ones for her and our daughter).  Mine was just a rental from a costume shop in town.  Thanks Drapeau’s!

So I’m going to let you in on a giveaway that I’ll be doing.  All day Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be around the con with cards trying to drum up some more attention for the site.  All you have to do is follow a couple simple steps.

1. Show up to the con (can’t win if you’re not there)

2. Come say hi to me and mention the site.  I’ll be easy to find.  One day I’ll be wearing a dark shirt with the site name on it.  The other day I’ll be dressed up and accompanied by Dorothy from the Oz comics and a pregnant Lorie from the Walking Dead.  I will look out of place.  If all else fails, just try to find me.  Tallish, dark hair, beard, glasses. 

3. If you’re one of the first 10 people to do numbers 1 and 2 (haha number 2) that you will receive a business card with a special code on it.  Just email me that code (email on the About page) and I will personally send you a package of 5 free comics to you, anywhere within the continental US. 

I love free comics, and so I’ll share them with you.  These aren’t the free comics from Free Comics Now! reviews (which will be returning next week).  These are full issues that you can hold in your own hands.  So come find me and say hello!

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