Countdown to Comic Con: 3 Days to Go!

Well here I am again, still just as excited for the trip to Boston coming up.  Not too much has changed, but I did cut back on the number of comics I will be bringing.

I limited myself to a max of 2 per person, so I wouldn’t be that guy who pulls out 20 issues for someone to sign.  My goal is kind of lofty.  I have a list of 30 people who I want to get signatures from.  I’m bringing 48 comics.  I don’t have 2 for everyone, and there are a couple comics that I will be having more than 1 person sign.  The only person who has more than 2 is Palmiotti, but that is only because of overlap.  I mean, that guy inked a lot of stuff.

My wife has been working on our daughter’s costume.  I hope it gets done in time.  I also hope it fits, and that it’s comfortable for my daughter to wear.  My wife is also dressing up.  She is pregnant, but found a good costume to accent that baby bump.  No, it’s not Amidala. 

I’m still up in the air about dressing up, but I have a couple ideas.  And only one involves buying giant footie/hoodie pajamas.  I would like to be someone, but we will see.  Time is getting to be a bit of a factor. 

Anyways, only a few more days!


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