Countdown to Comic Con: 5 Days to Go

So it’s almost time for Boston Comic Con.  We will be there Saturday and Sunday.  I’m going down with the wife and child as well. Aside from the Dubai Comic Con, I have never gone to one of these before, so I’m pretty excited.

I went through the list of artists who are going to be there an compiled a list of the comics that I wanted to bring to try and get signed.  There are over 100 comics that I could take to get signed, but I tried to narrow it down some.  I didn’t want to be an annoying guy in line with a whole bunch of comics for a guy to sign, so at first I limited myself to 5 per artist, as there are many people I would like to see.  That still left me with over 80, which when boarded and bagged weigh a good amount.  I will be already carrying a change of clothes and other things in my bag, and I want to have room for when/if I buy things.

And I know that I am going to want to buy things.  Especially sketches from the artists.

Neal Adams.  Jimmy Palmiotti (who inked a lot of 2099 issues, so you know I have to see him).  Alex Saviuk.  Geof Isherwood.  Paul Ryan.  Mark Brooks.  Mark Texeira.  Mark Waid.  Frank Tieri.  Jorge Molina.  Arthur Suydam (and I got some old trading cards by this guy too, so I’ll bring some of them for everyone).  Carlos Pacheco.

So I got rid of some other ones too.  I want to get as many different peoples’ signatures as possible, but there are some people who I really want.  Should I bring more of there stuff in case they will sign it?  There is the artist of a certain 12 issue mini-series that I have and I would love to have all 12 of those issues signed.  I think I will just book-end it, and get 1 and 12.

I don’t think I am going to actually dress up as anything,  but we will see.  I’ll be sure to let you know if that changes.  I will be giving away things to anyone who comes up to me and mentions this website.  So come find me.  I’ll leave some details in the next couple days.


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