A few things were waiting for me…

So, I’m finally back to writing here.  I know that many of you followers out there were wondering when I would post again, and I’m sure you’ve been missing those great columns, such as Free Comics Now! and Cartoons and Cereal.  Have no fear, they will be coming back, and Rewinding the Week will in another month or so.  Thank you to the kind folks who inquired after me.  I will also be trying hard to start a couple more posts a week, having to do with collecting in general and some graphic novels.  Here’s the start of that.  This is a picture-heavy post.

So when I got back from moving, I found a stack of packages waiting for me at my mom’s, where we have been staying while we look for our own house.

IMG_6850 IMG_6849

Nice stuff, I know.  I was pretty excited about it all.  It was like a birthday for me, and actually was only a couple weeks after my birthday.  Almost all the stuff there was comics-based, so it was a great thrill.  Please keep in mind that these packages represent over a year of stuff, and it was all very cheap.  Now, the big boxes are really stuff for storing my comics, as my collection looked like this:


But I ordered some supplies from Comic Supply, which is a website that sells that sort of thing, as well as some back issues.  I have ordered through them a couple times, and I found that the delivery was never quite as fast as they said it would be, but the customer service was good.  They also have a rewards program that allows you to earn points and then get some discounts.  They also send me coupon specials to order things in particular months.  Not a bad site to check out.  This was my loot from them:


Bags, boards, boxes, dividers, and a bunch of comics to fill some gaps in my collection.  The actual sorting will be discussed in a future post.

Next up is a site called My Comic Shop.  This one I really like.  I only bought back issues from them, but they have an excellent selection at cheap prices.  Often times, they have more than one copy of a back issue and different qualities are sold for different prices.  The shipping was cheap and fast.  Check them out for sure.  Here was a quick shot of how well they packaged (very thoroughly) and a couple of the gems I picked up:

IMG_6859 IMG_6861


Yeah, that is the first appearance of the GLA I got up there.  Also Ms. Marvel for my daughter, a 2099 issue that I needed, and Secret Warriors #2, since my copy had a bit of a mistake, but that’s the subject of another post.  Anyways, there were a bunch of other comics I got here, but I don’t want to bore you with all of them.

The next package was from Amazon.  I’m sure you all know enough about that site.  Well, I had gotten a gift certificate for my birthday and so I picked up a couple of things.

IMG_6863 IMG_6862

So, first up is The De-Textbook by Cracked.com.  If you don’t read cracked, you are missing out.  it is informative, yet hilarious.  Think of the Daily Show, but with more internet.  This is a collection of historical articles from the site, and I look forward to going through it at my leisure.  The other picture shows the few graphic novels I bought.  I had mentioned in free comic reviews that I would like to read more of Saga and Change, and now I have the chance to.  I also got the Deadpool Max hardcover complete edition.  I have a few of the issues, but in looking for the rest, found it would be cheaper to buy the whole thing.  Expect reviews of these to come at some point.

I also got a few comics from my former local comic store.  This guy, Ahmed at Time Out For Comics, does a great job at selling comics online.  You can subscribe to him and he’ll get you what you need.  They all come in new condition, bagged and boarded.  Since I was overseas, I used him a lot to get some current issues.  I also picked up a few packs of 90s trading cards that I’ll share at some point. 


So I’m getting the Ms. Marvel’s for my daughter, but then I started picking up Miracleman and of course, the Sandman Overture.  Got a couple spur-of-the-moment ones too.  And he sent me all the Free Comic Book Day comics.


Card packs that were only $1 each.  I’ll show you the contents some other time.  Have to keep some mystery.

IMG_6854It was the store’s 20th anniversary, so he also sent out little pins.  Pretty cool.  I don’t know if I’ll wear it, but it’s nice.

Finally, there were a couple more packages.  One from Ad House Books and contained Duncan the Wonder Dog.  They were having a sale one day, and I had heard good things about this book so… there it is.


I had also contributed to a Kickstarter a while ago, and was pleased to get my copy of Code Monkey Save World.


So that was it for my website-related windfall.  But I also got a couple other awesome things that I want to show you. 


First is a new vinyl by Spose, who is an amazing musician you should check out.  He’s the best rapper in Maine, and I know that doesn’t sound too impressive, but trust me, he’s cool.  This was a limited edition, and I’m grateful to my sister for picking it up for me while I was away.


The other thing is this great painting of Jesus riding a dinosaur.  This was done by my friend Jason Littlefield of Anti clothing.  You can check out his work.  He’s always doing something cool and I look forward to getting more art from him in the future.

Finally, done.  That is it for today.  I’m worn out.  It’s been too long since I’ve written, and I’m a bit out of practice.  What did you think?  See anything you liked?  Any suggestions on new things to look into?   Let me know!






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