Throwback Thursday: Marvel Overpower Cards – Where did they go? #tbt

When I was a kid I was friend with a guy who was big into Magic: The Gathering. Wizard Magazine and their spinoff, InQuest, convinced me that collectible card games (CCGs for the uninformed) were most definitely the hot business. While I had a Magic collection (which I eventually sold…for $20), it was Marvel Overpower that (obviously) piqued my interest the most. It started humbly enough: “hero” cards representing each character could play “specials”, as well as lodge “attacks” based on three attributes: Fighting ability, Strength, and Energy (like, how much plasma blasts they shoot out, not enthusiasm). There were also Event/Mission cards, team up cards, and eventually a fourth attribute, intellect, added, but either way I had to have’em. Scarlet Spider was there. Strong Guy seemed to be a huge part of the second series. All sorts of whacky characters popped up. Even DC had a wave or 2 of their own, cross-compatible, Overpower cards. I went so far as to purchase multiple issues of a (99 cent) comic to get the inserts for an “Onslaught” themed Overpower set. I made my own custom Overpower, based on “What If?” (it was always a thing with me). One was based on the iconic “What if Venom Possessed the Punisher?”, made out of a couple duplicate Overpower cards and some colored pencils (I still stand by my opinion that What If’s would have made a great card type in Overpower). Eventually, though, I faded away from comic book related things (to turn my eyes to, of all things, wrestling) and when I came back into the comic book fold, Overpower was long gone. Still, I have a huge stockpile somewhere at my parents’ house, and one day I might even make Andrew The Giant or Turner play me in a game.


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