Worth #1

It’s Tuesday, so that means Free Comics Now! is back in action.  We’ve done well over the last couple weeks, so I’m going to take a chance and open up a comic I’ve never heard of before.  Comixology, don’t lead me astray.


Worth.  Not sure what that really means, but I see that Eugene Roddenberry is attached, and I think that’s a big name.  Or is it just Gene Roddenberry that I am thinking of.  I don’t know.  I’m horrible with names.

It’s 1967 and there’s a right in Detroit.  The National Guard looks about to open fire on the looters, when out comes Worth, which is apparently the guy’s name, riding the hood of a car.  It looks like he has some x-ray powers we can see the engine through where he is standing, as well as the bones in his hands.  We get treated to a quick montage of a year in his life, where we see him being an all around hero.  It’s during a conversation with a conspiracy theorist a year later that we learn he can “talk” to machines, even simple ones like guns.  That theorist wants to study him, and being drunk, Worth agrees.

Suddenly it’s 2013.  Worth is old, pudgy, and seems to be living alone with his machines, some of which don’t seem to be working that well.  We learn that he doesn’t work with any machine with a computer in it, which seems a little odd, as he had a digital alarm clock, which seems as though it would have some sort of computer.  But I’m no scientist, so what do I know?

We also meet another character, El, a teen who loves his phone screen (check out that rhyme), and his buddy Damon who is trying to convince him to rob Worth.

The two parties do end up meeting, and share a moment that hides a couple secrets.

So, hmmm.  I feel like this ended pretty quickly.  There really wasn’t too much going on.  I think the initial idea is cool.  The man who can talk to machines has been played out a little, but the interaction he has with an ATM, and it’s computer, is very interesting.  I think there is something big that will come along, but I don’t know if I have the patience to see it through.  The art work is decent, nothing spectacular, but realistic enough to add to the story instead of distract from it.  I would look into reading more of this if it were free, but am not going to go looking to buy it.


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