Rewinding the Week (6.22.2014)

Welcome to the 100th post on the blog!  I can’t believe that we’ve already made it that far.  Thanks to everyone who comes by and checks us out.  I plan on expanding what we have been doing greatly around the start of August.  So stay tuned.

Now let’s get this started, as I have shows to watch.

Game of Thrones:  Well, the season is over.  I found the last episode to be satisfying, as we got to see a coupel die who, in my opinion, deserved to die.  I was a bit upset though.  In the book, Tyrion learned a valuable piece of information from his brother, but they cut that reveal from the show, which is disappointing.  That piece of info helped to make Tywin seem more villainous, and Tyrion more tragic.  You want to know what it was?  Read the book.  Quick recap of the rest.  Dragons are out on control: cool, and realistic (for dragons, anyway).  Jojen dies: well at least he got Bran where he needed to be) and I had no idea Children of the Forest could shoot fireballs).  The Hound and Brienne fought: interesting, and a good fight to watch.  And now, we have to suffer through summer, fall and winter until we see them again.  I recently read an article (sorry can’t remember where) that was discussing the problems with the show.  Not how it differs from the book, but the fact that the whole story isn’t done being written, and that having it play out over so many years really ages the child actors.  Bran is supposed to be under 10!  Oh well, I’ll still watch.  Maybe I’ll watch the whole series again before next year rolls around.

Orange is the New Black: Well, we finished season 2.  As I mentioned, it was neat to see the back story of all the different characters.  I wonder if Piper got those stories from them while they were in jail together, when she got out, or if they are completely fabricated.  I am anxious to see what happens next year, and think this is one story that I will avoid reading, but instead only watch.  Never thought I’d say that.

Firefly:  I’ve been pushing through this.  I like it, although, to be honest, I don’t understand why it was such a huge deal.  Maybe I will by the time I finish the show and watch the movie.  Again, I like it, but I don’t think it is something that I would obsess over.  Still, it makes me want to learn more about the backstory.

Workaholics:  I am somewhat proud to say that I finished watching all four seasons of this show.  This is primarily because there is absolutely nothing to be done at my work for the next couple weeks, and they don’t block some websites that stream shows.  I found this to be a very funny show.  It’s dumb humor, yes, but it works.  Sometimes it’s nice to let yourself take a break and just laugh at the absurdity of people that are really thick-headed.

Next week, I will hopefully have watched some Da Vinci’s Demons, and will have finished up with Firefly.  Keep on watching.


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