Rewinding the Week (6.15.2014)

Well, again, I’m sad to start off by telling you that I didn’t really watch much this past week.  I don’t think this one is going to be as long as last week’s, which is probably ok, as I was reaching then.  Let’s see…

Game of Thrones: Okay, so, was anyone else a bit upset about this episode?  I know the answer is yes, as I am currently on the internet, where people get upset over anything and everything.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I was happy to see the giants (although, only 2?) and the mammoth.  But why spend the whole episode on the wall?  Have we ever spent an entire episode in one setting?  I don’t think we have.  I’m too used to jumping around, and checking in on at least half of the cast each week.  Also, why did Pyp and Grenn have to die?  At the risk of sounding like a geek, (which has probably happened a few times before) that isn’t how it went in the book, and now I’m concerned how further things at the wall might play out.  I can’t wait for tonight’s episode though, as I know what will happen, but still am excited to see it happen on screen.  Of course, I know I’ll have to wait to see it all, as they won’t fit it all in one hour.  Damn you producers, make the show 20 episodes a season!  There is enough source material to do that!

Orange is the New Black: Well, I didn’t quite finish this season.  I still have 2 episodes to go, so don’t spoil it for me please.  It’s been a great season, although definitely a lot sadder than the first one.  It’s still funny, and still have some suspenseful/nail-biting moments, but this season has really focused on the supporting cast, and what happened in their lives to land them in prison.  I was surprised and excited to see Pornstache come back into the picture, but was saddened when only, an episode or 2 later, saw him leave.  I really like this show, as it makes sure that all its characters can change and grow.  They aren’t just 2 dimensional figures, but have a depth to them that is lacking in so many shows.

Sadly, that’s all I watched this week.  Well actually, wait, I did watch a bit more.

Robot Chicken:  I was so far behind on this great stop-animation sketch show.  Luckily, I had a few free hours at work and got myself caught up, including watching the DC Comics Special 2, which was wonderful.  I’m more of a Marvel guy myself, but still enjoyed it.  Just a bunch of laughs.

Workaholics: Speaking of laughs, I started season 1 of this show as well.  It’s good.  Some of the jokes fall flat, and sometimes the whole show seems to be a bit much, but overall, it’s just funny.  I like it.

Well next week will see the end of Game of Thrones, and I will probably be finished Orange is the New Black as well, but that means that I’ll get back to finishing Firefly, and hopefully watch some/most of Da Vinci’s Demons.  Have a good week, and let me know what shows you’re watching these days.


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