DuckTales (woooo-oooooo)

It’s Saturday already, so it’s time to look at comics that move, aka cartoons.  Grab a bowl of sugary cereal and open up youtube to watch a classic.  That’s right, I’m talking about DuckTales.  If you don’t remember that glorious theme song (second only to the Fantastic Four in my opinion) here is a slow jam version.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at an episode.  I was shocked that it was so hard to find good ones, and I couldn’t get an episode 1 link, unless I wanted to watch it in Hindi or Portuguese (which I didn’t).  But I found an episode titled Duck to the Future, which I just couldn’t ignore.  Watch it below, don’t mind the huge blue frame.

This was a tried and true storyline for Scrooge McDuck.  Magika DeSpell (I think I’m spelling that right) wanted to steal his lucky dime, the first bit of money that he ever earned and the supposed source of his luck and fortune.  Like most schemes of the cartoon variety, it does involve some costumes that are inexplicably convincing.  Magika, disguised as a fortune teller, sends Scrooge into the future to see how things might change.  There he finds that Magika has taken over Duckburg, and that Hewey, Dewey, and Louie all work for her, having taken advice from Scrooge long ago and stuck to it.

With Scrooge out of the way, Magika had been able to steal the dime, which obviously is more powerful than whatever magic she has.  Sure, why not?  So we see the future of Duckburg, including an aged Launchpad teaching a “crash course” in flying, and Webby married to Doofus.  Did you remember Doofus?  I know I didn’t, and I don’t understand what he’s still called Doofus by his wife when they are grown up and married.  Is that really his name?  I assumed it was just a horrible nickname.  No?  The other ducks weren’t just being jerks?  His mom named him Doofus?  *sigh*  Okay, let’s finish this up.

Does Scrooge get his dime back?  Will he be able to return to his own time?  Only those who watch the episode (or who have ever seen a kids’ cartoon before) will know the answers.  In general, I was a little disappointed.  This show, or maybe just this episode, had not aged as well as I would have like.  I’ll try a couple more, I’m sure, and maybe one of the “digitally re-mastered” ones, but I think I should just stick to the written DuckTales, by a Mister Carl B., that were perfect years ago and continue to be awesome.

And just in case you need some more DuckTales theme music, here’s a metal(ish) cover for you.

And here’s another, proving it’s a great song all around the world.


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