Secret #1


Okay, so I know we’ve had our differences, free comics, but that ends now.  I’ve been on a losing streak the past few weeks, but this one has got to make up for it.  I chose an author I’m familiar with (Hickman), from a major publisher (Image).  So this will (hopefully) turn the column around and lift my spirits.

The cover is simple, yet intense.  Just a close-up of bared teeth, with no lips visible, but some black lines that could be hair or veins.  The title is a bit broken, as though something hit it hard, or cut through it, and teh chapter name One: Teeth, with which to Eat sounds very ominous indeed.  Fingers crossed, I’ll start reading.

The first scene is already better than the last three comics I’ve reviewed here.  A man breaks into a house, tortures another man, and threatens his family.  Power is shown through brutal, yet simple moves.  The artwork is good, nothing too showy, but works.  It’s realistic, yet not too gritty.  The color, illuminating one man in all red, is a nice touch, and adds to the atmosphere of fear.

The story involves a security firm that seems to be the best at what they do.  Their company is hired out by major corporations to make sure that things are as they would want them to be.  However, there is a twist at the end that, while not wholly unsurprising, does intrigue me.  Overall, the book is tight, well written, and an all-around good read.  The art, as I mentioned, isn’t flashy, but neither is the story.  There isn’t a lot of action (at least not yet) but the scenes that are a little graphic are done well.

However, when I compare this to other work by Hickman (who I love) I find myself a little let down.  Yes, it’s good, and yes, it’s intriguing, but it doesn’t captivate me the way his other comics have.  Would I read more of it?  Yes, if I find a cheap trade copy some where.  I won’t go out of my way, and I’m not adding it to my want list, but it’s still good.  And it’s still miles above the last few comics.  So it worked.  I got out of my funk.  Read this if you like realistic, subversive, corporation drama.  It is interesting.  But, ask me what to read by Hickman and I’d point you to Secret Warriors.


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