The Secret Adventures of: Houdini


Free Comics Now! reviews is proud to present the free comic of a comic I got for free from Comixology that happened to come out on Free Comic Book Day.  For free!  Will wonders never cease?

So this appears to be a series,  The Secret Adventures of:, judging by the colon, and maybe only this issue centers on Houdini.  I don’t know yet.  I do know that I enjoy historical fiction, especially with well known people, such as Tesla.  Houdini used to be a point of interest for me as a kid, so I am eager to give this a shot.  The cover looks watercolored, which may or may not work.  I was taken in by a good cover once, and I don’t want it to happen again.

We open in teh Czech Republic, 1908.  A small girl is terrified as her father is beaten and dragged away by some mutachioed men.  His crime?  Something to do with blood.  Suddenly, a golem appears, only to be sent away by a mysterious man in a cloak.

Damnit.  Again, I was taken in by the promise of an exciting story.  I should know by now, free does not always equate to good.  This is 3 times in a row I’ve been disappointed here.  Much like this otehr comic, this week was not a full story.  Instead, it was a few pages of a tale that was cut short and stuffed with information and sketches.

Booooooo this comic. I feel as though I’ve disappointed you, my loyal readers.  And so I pledge, I will review another free comic this week, and will continue to do so until I find a good one.  Stay true to me.  I will bring you light.


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