The Monday Morning Quarter-Bin: Marvel Two-In-One, the beginnings


Since I’ve started collecting comics again, I’ve tried to steer clear of the traps I fell into as a young’n, collecting aimlessly because the cover looks cool, or because it’s some obscure, weird thing I may read once but never have anything to do with again. Instead, I’ve been trying to go the “completist” route, collecting things I can get complete runs of. I’ve managed to do a full run of What If’s, and am well on my way to a complete run of Age of Apocalypse single issues (thank you quarter bin), but a recent jaunt down eBay revealed a great opportunity for to make a run at completing Marvel Two-In-One. A lot of 82 comics, for ~$50. Getting a huge head start on a full run for around $.60 per? Yes please.


What’s in the box?! What’s in the (blurry) box!?

Marvel Two-In-One was a team up series featuring The Thing which ran for 100 issues from 1974 to 1983, with 7 annuals, incorporating some third tier flunky heroes and villains that didn’t make the cut for Marvel Team-Up and Spider-Man, as well as some more well known heroes.

Stacks on stacks, but not costing stacks.

Stacks on stacks, but not costing stacks.

I’ll still need some expensive ones, like issue 1 (suffering from #1-itis, since it’s just a team up with…Man-Thing, yet sells for a decent amount of money) and Annual #2 (featuring Thanos and art by Jim Starlin, which drives up the price), but I do have an 80% start and I do get to work my way through some 70s second and third tier flunky heroes, such as the Aquarian, Black Goliath, and Quasar, as well as the aforementioned Man-Thing and my man, Blue Diamond. I will update you whenever I make an addition to the collection and I work my way to 100%, and how I go about building a collection for relatively cheap money.


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