Rewinding the Week (6.8.2014)

Another week gone by, and again, I don’t have much to talk about.  But I’ll do my best to stretch it out.  I need a goal.  Let’s say, 800 words.   Alright, let’s get started.

Game of Thrones:  Well, there isn’t much that I need to say about this, I don’t think.  We all heard the squish.  We all saw the head explode, and what a sight it was.  But besides that, there were some other scenes that were just as memorable.  Grey Worm getting caught peeping seemed like it might not end will, but, perhaps the love that cannot be consummated will still survive.  Theon proves that he is worth keeping alive, if to do nothing else but lead his former men to their deaths.  (Also, flaying?  Pretty gross)  Jorah’s secret finally comes to light.  I honestly thought that it had already come out in the show, but sometimes I get the book and show confused.  My bad.

Speaking of the book, did I miss the conversation about the Lannister cousin who just smashed beetles all day long?  That seemed a bit out of place, and also got me worried that there wasn’t going to be sufficient time for the battle.  On the other hand, I did appreciate Sansa’s scene, as it does appear that she is ready to play the game.  Will she win, or will she die still seems up in the air, but at least she isn’t just being an empty headed princess anymore.

Firefly:  Okay, so apparently I messed up last week.  I thought I had watched the first episode, as that was what the link told me, but it turns out it was really number 10.  No wonder I was so very confused.  This week we went back and actually watched the first 4.  I like it.  I am still a bit mystified by some of the show, especially why everything is “old west-y.”  But it’s good.

Is it the end-all show that I had heard and seen all over the internet?  No.  Not yet, anyways.  I understand how people get obsessed over shows, and I do it at times.  But so far, to me, this seems like it’s a good sci-fi, but not something I would watch again and again, scrutinizing over every minute detail.  Maybe that will change.  I want it to.  I want to love this show.  I want to be excited about it.  So I’ll keep watching, and let you know what happens.  I like the characters.  I like the premise.  I’m even a little partial to the hokey dialogue.  I’m interested in seeing more about these “Reavers” and learning more about the “Brown coats.”  Those are both terms that I’ve seen on fan sites around the internet, and I’m sure that they will play a big role in the rest of the show.

Orange is the New Black:  Good news!  I have a new show to watch.  Even better news!  Netflix released a whole bunch of these episodes at once so I can just watch them every day this week.  Bad news!  I think I might have had an order problem, like I did with Firefly.  I watched what I think were episode 1 and 2 last night, but I feel like it was really 1 and 3 or something.  There seemed to be a big gap in the story, as I never saw how Piper got back from the jail in Chicago.  Maybe that was intentional.  It just seemed like something was skipped.  I’ll look into it more tonight.  It’s nice to get back with this cast of well written characters.  The story is interesting, and although we can infer what the end will be, it still has a lot of surprises.  I’m anxious to see some of the plot threads from season 1 come into play, especially those that involve the guards.  I also hope that Alex (aka Donna Pinciatti) isn’t gone for good, but I was shocked by what she did.

It was interesting in episode 2 (maybe 3) to see a bit more insight into some of the prisoners’ lives, both before incarceration, and during.  I like Piper, but it is refreshing to have some time where she isn’t the center of attention and we get a good look at the environment that she is in.  Seeing her pimp out the new inmate was fun, and it was nice to know that it isn’t just men who have bad information about vaginas.  Knowing that this is based on a book she wrote, I wonder how much of the other characters’ lives is conjecture, and how much is truth, obtained one way or another.  I look forward to binge watching this show, and I’m sure by this time next week, I will have finished all the episodes that are available.

793 words.  I think I did fine then.  Only three shows to talk about and I still managed to meet my goal.  Well, thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back next week.  I’ll try to have some more to talk about then.




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