The Adventures of Roopster Roux

Hey there fans of free comic book reviews.  That’s right, I’m talking to all 3 of you.  Today we are looking at another kid’s comic, or so I’m guessing based on the cover art.  From Comixology, here comes a Steve Harvey comic.  You read that correctly.  Steve Harvey.  Did you know he has a website?  Well he does.  Here.


Now, I know I’ve said before that I dislike issue #0s and that is still true, but I had to give this a shot.  I mean Steve Harvey is on the cover.  I was able to get over the fact that the artwork there looks like it was done in a Paint program, so I can get over the number as well.  He’s got a great yellow suit on and is standing with something I assume is Roopster Roux himself.  I don’t know what he is, but looks like, maybe a penguin?  He’s got clothes on, but not a snappy suit like Steve.  It looks like it takes place in a city, possible the future.  Oh boy, I can’t wait to look at the actual story.  I got burned last week with a great cover and less-than-stellar inside, so let’s hope the cover does this comic justice.

Oh man, does it ever.  The inside looks like some cartoon tv show artwork and is opening with an evil bird-person on a roof shouting, “PIES!  EVIL PIES FOR SALE!!”  Yup.  I’m thinking this is a winner.

Well, I stand corrected.

The story goes on for about 4 pages, then ends with a “check out more in the [main] series.”  It gave me a problem, some explanation of what was happening, and then stopped short.  The rest of the comic you ask?  Well, since it is 36 pages, I thought maybe it would have some other little stories in it.  NOPE.

The rest is just page after page of splash art or sketches and character designs.  6 of them are just filled with variations of Roopster, while variations of Steve Harvey are on another 2.

Wow.  Skip this.  Maybe the real series it good, but this is just a waste.  Boo this comic.  Booooooooooooooo.


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