Rewinding the Week (6.1.2014)

Well, this is awkward.  I have nothing to say on any of the usual series.  To my horror, there was no new episode of Game of Thrones this past week.  What a thing to befall us all.  I was so looking forward to *SPOILERS* and seeing *REDCATED* kill *REDACTED* as well as see how the show would handle *NOT GOING TO TELL YOU*

Oh well, at least it will be on this week.

So in lieu of my usual fare, I watched a couple things, which I will talk briefly about.

Resurrection:  I mentioned that I was watching this in a past recap, but this week I focused more on it, and actually finished the first season, which was shockingly only 8 episodes long!  What is up with shorter and shorter TV seasons?  When I was a kid, there would be a new episode every week for what seemed like forever.  Now we have the Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead that last only 10 and 16, respectively.  That hurts.  I mean, come on.  But (to steal a line from my cohort, Slim James) I digress.  Resurrection, which I learned is based on a book I guess I’ll have to read, kept me going.  It’s not the best or most action packed, but it’s full of human drama that arises with the dead.  They aren’t zombies, which is refreshing, but people don’t know what to make of them.  I’m thinking they will turn out to be aliens, or some sort of clones, but I feel as though I will be disappointed in that regard.  It’s some solid writing, and solid acting that kept me watching, and I hope it comes back next year, perhaps for a longer season.

Firefly: Okay, people.  Don’t hate me too much here, but I never watched Firefly until last night.  I had heard so much about it, although all very general stuff, that I was a little reluctant to try it out.  I felt like the hype might have been too much, and it wouldn’t be able to live up to the expectations.  Well, last night I succumbed and gave it a shot.  I only watched one episode, and, well, I have no idea what was really going on.  I’m not saying it was bad, nor am I saying it was the spectacular, remarkable thing that I had heard it was.  I honestly don’t know what to think about it yet.  But I am going to continue to watch it.  I know it wasn’t on long, so I will probably finish the series this week or next, and then watch the movie that follows if I so desire.  I wanted to like it, and I did.  But, I don’t know, it just seemed, odd.  I was thrown by the intro and the way that the characters talk, as both seemed extremely western (as in cowboys).  I think it’s intentional, as though space is like the old west, but it was still strange.  I will watch it, though, and I believe that it will pay off.  It definitely made me pay attention and captivated my interest throughout.  Here’s to hoping it is as awesome as people say.

So that’s all for me today.  Sorry I don’t have more to tell you.  I didn’t watch any more of Black Sails, although I thought about it.  Maybe after Firefly.  Have a good week, and enjoy GoT, it’s almost over already.


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