Black Powder #1


Welcome back to Free Comics Now! reviews, the place where comics are free and what I say doesn’t matter. (That’s a Whose Line is it Anyway, if you didn’t notice).  Today we are looking at a pirate comic, or so I’m guessing judging from the cover.  Because in comics, you can often judge a book by its cover.  Which is usually a big help.  Now, I love pirates, and actually just started watching Black Sails, a new(er) TV show, so I’ll probably be comparing the two in my mind.

The cover looks like a watercolor painting, which makes me intrigued to see the art inside.  It’s put out by Asylum Press, which I am unfamiliar with, and is done by Dwayne Harris, who I am also unfamiliar with.  I love getting into things without any preconceived notions.  So let’s jump into Black Powder Bloody Frontier Adventure.

We are on the Ohio River in 1811.  An odd place for pirates, but I guess that explains the “Frontier” part of the title.  Molly Livingstone is being escorted to New Orleans when the boat is besieged by pirates! The fight is over quickly, but brutally.  One month later, we journey to Pittsburgh where we meet some other characters and hear some tales of animals and the earth acting strangely.

Okay, I can’t keep talking about the story without addressing the biggest problem.  The artwork.  The cover looks great, as I said, but now I stand corrected about what I mentioned earlier.  If I were to judge this by its cover alone, I would say it’s great.  But inside, the artwork is, well, not great, to put it mildly.  To be blunt, this is some of the worst comic art I’ve seen.  It’s all watercolor, but has none of the talent that the cover seemed to show off.  The people look very odd, and some have faces that appear to be frozen, while others just look amateurish.  From afar, they are passably mediocre, but up close, they do not work.  The blood from the fights is too bright, and Pittsburgh looks as though it is an inferno.  Just, no.  No, no, no.

As for the storyline and the dialogue, I’m not impressed by either.  A pretty bland tale of love lost and a girl to be rescued.  The characters talk woodenly and while there are colloquial phrases thrown in, they don’t seem authentic.  This was part 1 of 6, and I’m sorry to say, I have absolutely no desire to read anymore of it.

This doesn’t happen to me very often, and I was so excited about this (because pirates) but I cannot recommend this to anyone.  Even though it’s free, I urge you to skip it.



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