Rewinding the Week (5.25.2014)

So this was the first week without a couple of the key shows.  We still have most of them, but I could feel the lack of superhero shows really bringing me down about midweek.  But still, I got through it.

Game of Thrones:  Obviously the best show of the week.  I mean, just come on.  The mountain is a beast.  He is just awesome.  I’m glad that they kept the conversation between Oberyn and Tyrion in the show, because it was even more powerful than in the book.  More badassery from Arya. and a zombie crosses over to bite the hound.  Okay, so not really a zombie, but what if?  Some awkward moments this episode too, from the Red Woman and Stannis’s wife to Jorah seeing Daario do a walk of pride.  And we can’t forget about Littlefinger.  But the ending?  The best part.  Man I hated that character.  Good to see them go.

The Simpsons: A tale of friendship, betrayal and redemption.  Good stuff, but nothing too exciting.

Family Guy: I wasn’t sure if the time machine would make a comeback, but at least the graphics looked cooler this time around.  A cool alternate universe story.  Those are the backbone of this site, so always nice to see them.

Bob’s Burgers: Part 2 of the Wharf War.  Suspenseful and thrilling.  A good end to the story.

I just realized.  I think these three cartoons are over for the season.  *Sigh*  It’s a good thing I’ve come across what could be some replacements.

Black Sails: A pirate story.  This is pre-Treasure Island.  I think it has potential, but have only watched one episode so I’m not sure yet.  The acting doesn’t seem too great, but I can look past that if the story is good enough.  Will it be?  I’ll see.

Resurrection: Red Foreman is in this, so that alone makes it worth watching.  a gripping tale of a small town in middle America.  Only in this town, the dead are coming back to life.  Is it a miracle, or is there something more sinister afoot?

Now, I know these two shows have been on for a while, but they are new to me, and I’m hoping to watch at least a bit more of each, so no spoilers please.  But if you have any suggestions, I’m always happy to try something new.


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