Complex #1


Hey there people and strange animals that may be somehow viewing this webpage.  Today, on Free Comics Now! review, we look at Complex #1, another comic I’ve heard nothing about, but intrigued me.  Why did it intrigue me?  Well mostly because of the flying VW bus on the cover.  And also the fact that it is flying in front of the MOON!  I LOVE THE MOON!  Sorry, but I do.  I enjoy writing these as I read it, so I’m going to continue that trend today.  Hope it works out.

The inside cover (if that’s a thing when you read on a tablet) has a note stating that this comic is in 8 page chapters because that is how it was done online.  So apparently this was a webcomic before becoming a comic on my tablet.  One step up!  Good work.

Chapter 1 is very unsettling.  A man wakes from an odd dream to be slightly comforted by his wife who then drugs him via a shape prick from her ring.  The room they are in is strangely barren and they talk briefly about how they moved recently.  It is very unnerving.

Chapter 2 gives us more of the backstory.  I don’t want to spoil it, as this is really good stuff so far.  But we learn a bit more about the wife and husband.  The nature of their relationship and how they got to the town is fleshed out a bit.  We also see a couple neighbors, who only add to the air of mystery.

Chapter 3 focuses on one of the neighbors.  It’s getting harder to talk about it without spoiling anything.  She talks with her “boss” about the current situation, which gives us more insight into what is really going on.  At the end she is confronted by an assailant who was briefly mentioned before, and whose name was met with widened eyes.

In Chapter 4 the assailant catches up with an old acquaintance and we see a bit more about how some of the women are connected, as well as delve deeper into the mysterious organization that seems to be pulling the strings.

Chapter 5.  Just when I thought I understood it all, things got turned upside down.

Chapter 6 brings all the players of the game together and one of them appears to know a bit more than he should.  It’s a tough play to stop but unfortunately, that’s where this collection ends.

Overall, I was hooked.  The art, while nothing spectacular, is good and adds to the dramatic, mysterious atmosphere of the story.  It’s all black and white, with heavy shadows and highlights.  But it’s the story itself that makes me want to read more.  I am going to look up more about this right now and hopefully I will find some more to read of it.  I highly recommend this.  It’s not superheroes or insanity, but it’s science fiction that is dark and unsettling.  Read this, I implore you.


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