Rewinding the Week (5.18.2014)

So it has come to pass.  Two shows have finished for the season, while a couple others begin to march to their ends.  But oh, what ends they may be.  Major Spoilers ahead, so be warned.

Agents of SHIELD: Amazing.  A great wrap up to the season.  Some plotlines are resolved (Garret) while others are hinted at being opened next season (Skye’s parents).  Patton Oswald returns, so he must be an LMD, in which case I’d like to buy one.  Dethlok is free to wander the Earth like Caine in Kung Fu.  Will he get his own show?  Probably not, and that’s okay.  I’m anxious to see how Coulson puts SHIELD together next season, but really more anxious to find about how Fitz is doing and whose bloody hand that was at the end.  I think the mystery of what is happening inside Coulson’s brain will also be interesting, as I have no idea what he and Garret were drawing.  Anyways, action packed, and satisfying to the end.  Great to see Fury again, and for longer than a 3 second cameo.  I was also very happy that Ward didn’t change his allegiance back and forth.  I still feel that they will try to redeem his character later on, but I hope he just rots in a cell.  One weird part: May had the Asgardian spear, but then it was gone?  Where’d it go?

Arrow: The other season finale, while not as great as AoS, was still okay.  The big fight was wrapped up, the major crisis was averted, and no one actually died, which felt like a bit of a cop out.  Huge fights, although why archers feel they need to get close to people, I’ll never know.  We finally got to see the fight between Slade and Oliver from five years ago.  But this whole five years thing is annoying me now that we find out he wasn’t on the island the whole time, and not only that, but he was connected to an organization we’ve seen a lot of.  How has he not told Diggle and Felicity everything about the five years there when he’s been with them for two?  Is he seriously waiting to reveal one year every year?  Cuz that is dumb.  And what he did to Felicity in this last episode?  Heartbreaking.  Just heartbreaking.

Game of Thrones: Well, the trial doesn’t look good for Tyrion.  I wasn’t sure how it would play out, but am glad it is rather faithful to the book.  Now I just hope they end it the same way.  I think Stannis has the right idea, now that we know the Lannisters are broke, going to see Sherlock’s brother at the Iron Bank could win him the war.  Oh, and DROGON!  That guy is huge now!  So cool!  Dany will be riding him in no time, I’m sure.  But Hizdar?  I just can’t hate him, yet.

The Simpsons: A truly sad tale.  Lisa without friends?  What’s a mother to do?  Great to get a new neighbor (Booth Wilkes John, why does that name sound familiar?) and even better to see an episode of Itchy and Scratchy.  It feels like so long since I’ve seen that cat die.

Family Guy: Cleveland’s back!  I guess this means his show is permanently over.  It’s nice to have him back in the gang, as they have always felt a little wobbly with only three.  I’m glad the whole family came over and I hope they will be a big part of upcoming storylines.  It was great to have the meta jokes about his show failing.

Bob’s Burgers: The first of a two-parter involving the wharf and that crazy Felix.  I like him.  I wasn’t sure I would, but he provides a nice level of crazy that sends the storylines ahead.  Tina and Mr. Goiter is just too much for me.  Oh, how I love this show.

Well that’s it for the week.  Next week will be even quicker, since two shows are off my list.  What will I do to fill the time?  Meaningful art?  Other stuff that is better than sitting on a couch?  The horror, the horror.


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