Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Welcome to a Sunday edition of Cartoons and Cereal.  Sunday morning cartoons when I was a kid were never as good as Saturday.  I don’t know why.  I guess people thought everyone was at church, so there was no point to put on the good stuff.  I remember seeing some real C-list stuff, such as a guy who did math equations to figure out how to fight trilobites.  I will have to try to find that when I have a bit of time.

Anyways, today we’re talking about Star Wars the Clone Wars the animated series, which I think is the full title, but I’m not 100% on that.  I know that this has been around a while, as I saw 6 seasons of it listed, but for me, it’s just beginning.  My daughter and I watched episode 1 on Star Wars Day, and recently watched numbers 2 an 3, which seemed to go together.

I’m really not sure about this.  I only recently read my first Star Wars novel and comic book, both of which were good, so I was excited to get a bit more into the extended universe.  I had heard really good things about The Clone Wars, so I went in with high expectations.

Let’s start with the art.  Very computer animated.  I’m not sure I like the angular looks of everything.  I mean, even Anakin’s Adam’s apple is rectangular, which I find a bit odd.  The voices are fine.  I like how all the clones do look like clones, but can be told apart by individual personalities and hair styles.

The story the empire’s new weapon, that was essentially an EMP, was pretty cool.  I’m a huge fan of EMPs in general and find that they are underused in a lot of comics/sci-fi.  Basically the 2nd and 3rd episode deal with trying to find and take out this weapon.So we see Grievous, Dooku, the emperor, Anakin, Obi Wan, Yoda, and a plethora of others, most I did not know before.  But it was there that I had a small problem.

In the movies, Anakin is told he will not be granted the title of master, which pushes him into becoming (SPOILER) Darth Vader.  However, here in the show, he has his own padawan who repeatedly calls him master.  What is up with that?  I’m confused.  Why isn’t he always with Obi Wan?  It’s a little weird.  But I guess I’ll get past that.

Anyways, it’s an interesting show.  I did like seeing some background characters get screen time, as I like to learn more about the universes of my favorite stories.  My daughter liked it, especially Anakin’s padawn, whose name escapes me, but she has some stripey hair and wears a tube top, which I’m pretty sure is against Jedi regulations.

I’ll watch more, but we sort of know where it is going, don’t we?  I mean, it must take place either during the movies or in between episode II and III.  So until next weekend, keep the cartoons on and the cereal flowing!


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