Friday Top 5 (Cancelled TV Edition)

Television seasons mean less and less these days*, with a slew of summer replacements and mid-season premieres, as well as on demand streaming content from the internets*, it’s hard to tell sometimes that the end of the regular TV season is all around us. As the sun sets on another glorious year of television, not all are destined to see the sun rise again. As new, likely terrible, shows premiere next season, some must subside to make room for them. Some of the shows cancelled are done so unjustly, most are warranted, and others have just lived past their expiration date. Without further preamble, I present to you my Top 5 Cancelled TV shows of 2013-2014. Thanks to Buzzfeed for this list to work from.

1) Community – Everyone will make a “six seasons and a movie joke”, so I’ll just add “they didn’t cancel this already?”. It seems almost superfluous for NBC to cancel Community, since for most of its existence the network has buried it, pushed back its premieres to the point of absurdity, and had such brief seasons that it will take at least 18 months for it to set in that Community isn’t coming back. It could go to a digital platform (a final season and movie on Netflix would have to be better than the Arrested Development horror they put out, right? Hulu?) but for now, I’m sad to see it go, if only because it wasn’t like anything else on TV.

2) Michael J Fox Show/Sean Saves the World – I lump these together as “failed comebacks”. The brief moments I watched of the MJF Show had me questioning if I was watching a comedy, and Sean Saves the World underscored the fact that old school joke factory laughtrack sitcoms need to try harder to stay on the air these days*, or be on CBS.

3) The Neighbors – Sadly, after 2 seasons, we won’t see another 3rd Rock from the Sun -style alien dynasty. This show about aliens posing as humans on earth had the same alien sitcom trope (wait, that’s a thing now?): alien misunderstands human behavior, hilarity ensues, both alien and non-alien learn a little about what it means to be “human”. Still, it was probably better than it had any right to be, but was just shipped off to Fridays to die (sadly, it couldn’t take Last Man Standing with it).

4) Almost Human – Who’d have thought a drama about crime fighting robots might have a hard time catching on?

5) Raising Hope – We’ll file this under the “past their expiration date” reason. At 4 seasons, this sometimes crass comedy had a decent enough run, but wasn’t strong enough to beat the clock. Still, there are worse shows that are still on the air (Last Man Standing, pt 2)

Dishonorable Mention:

Mixology – Could there be any other show to earn this nod? The first ever three time winner, Mixology fades back into obscurity after one inane season. Sadly, we won’t see these characters evolve, one day at a time, so that by Sunday we’re three years in and the characters are getting married after a long weekend. The worst part is, I almost find the plight of the characters compelling, even if the timelines make no sense (dumped by ex, back with ex, break up with ex in realtime 40 minutes; hordes of characters hooking up that night after knowing somebody 2 hours and passing it off as “romance” rather than just meaningless sex), but even saying that, I don’t know that I’ve actually laughed at anything on this supposed comedy. It seems almost like a bizarre art film, or something begging for a real time supercut of all the episodes (that no one should ever watch). Goodnight, redheaded TV version of Zach Galifinakis. We hardly knew ye, though you’ll likely have a walk on role in the final season of Two and Half Men, just ‘cuz.


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