Star Wars Day Crafts!

Yes, I know.  May the Forth is a ways behind us now, but I’m not the best with uploading pictures to the computer.  Hopefully that will change in a few months when I start my own nerd home (those guys are a huge inspiration!).

Anyways, this is a small post to get started with some crafts.  There will be a couple more posted, maybe over the next two weeks, depending on how I get the pictures up.  No promises, anyway.  But a few weeks ago, my daughter and I celebrated the most holy of Fan-based holidays by watching a certain film and doing a few other Star Wars-sy things.


This is an origami finger puppet of an Ewok we made.  (Did you know the word Ewok is never mentioned in the movie? Of course you did, you’re on a fairly geeky site already.)  It was actually remarkably easy to construct, and involved very little folding, but a little bit of tearing.  What is nice is that if you use origami paper, one side becomes the pattern for their clothing and the other side you can color to look like their fur.  We found the instructions on how to do this in a book my daughter has, Origami Yoda.  It is one of a series and we will try to get more of them when we venture back to our own Hoth.  But that’s not all we made!


Look!  It’s Princess Leia’s necklace from the first movie!  Although, is she really still a princess?  Her whole planet was destroyed, so who would her subjects even be anymore?  Huh.  Anyways, this was a pretty easy make as well.  Just some string, aluminum foil, glue sticks and a bead for the end.  Just fold the foil into squares over the string, glue them down and make a loop with bead at the end to fasten it.  Here’s my daughter working on hers.


And here are our two necklaces!  Don’t we look fancy!  If you want faces, too bad, you gotta pay for that kind of exposure.


To top off our day, we also played with some of my Star Wars toys from my childhood.  Upon bringing them out, my wife commented that they were like Polly Pocket, which I cannot confirm or deny.  I know that they are cool and reminded me of Mighty Max toys from back in the day.

Each disembodied head opens up to display a little scene and a figure.  There were also a couple sets of figures without heads, such as a swarm of jawas and the cast from episode IV and VI.  This was before the prequels, so thankfully there was no Jar Jar head.


And that was pretty much our day.  We also watched the first episode of the Clone Wars animated series, so that might be a feature on a Cartoons and Cereal at some point in the future.

Come back next week when we will do another craft, this time straight from the Diagon Alley.


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