Lady Mechanika #0


Let me start off by saying, before I even talk about anything else, I dislike issue zeros.  Too often they are just weak excuses to add another book to a series.  Sometimes, they don’t even come before issue 1, but rather are added years later to show some prologue.  I don’t like it.  It messes with my numbering.  This one especially irks me, because the cover says “#0 of 8”  Now, does that mean that there are 8 issues, and it only goes to 7?  Or are there really 9 issues?

Anyways, welcome back to Free Comics Now! reviews, the only place to find reviews of comics that are available exclusively for free over at Comixology.  Check them out.  Free is always good, even when the comic is bad.

Lady Mechanika was created, written and drawn by one guy, Joy Benitez, which I find impressive, as I do not do too much in the way of any, although I dabble in them all.  This issue is titled The Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse, which sounds interesting.  the covers (we get to see a variant) look well draw, very clean and crisp, and from it I can predict this is about a steampunk girl who loves her guns. Maybe not the most original, but it looks good enough to draw me in.

1878 is the year.  We see our heroine, or at least protagonist, perched up high listening to a radio earpiece describing some hunters.  We get a bit of backstory about some monster that is supposedly part mechanical.  Mechanika goes after it, subdues it, and is able to communicate with it briefly before the hunters arrive.  We are led to believe the hunters are the villains of the story and it is clear that their leader wants the monster to experiment on, but that Mechanika herself would do even better.  I don’t want to give away the ending, so I will end the plot synopsis there, as there really is little more to say.

As I thought would be the case from the cover, the artwork is quite nice.  The colorist did a superb job, and everything looks radiant.  I wish I could say the same for the writing.  It is by no means horrible, but much of it seems forced or cliché.  I don’t believe the conversation that Mechanika has with the monster.  Not that I think either was lying, but I couldn’t believe that was how they would talk.  Granted, I do not know a lot about either character, but it seemed too strange.  I think the overall idea, and storyline (as you can guess where it is heading) is interesting, but I’m not sure if I could handle the writing for the extent of the 8 (or 9) issues.

Sad to say, because the art really got me excited, I don’t think I’d read this again, nor will I actively look out for the rest of the series.  Good try, but it just didn’t connect with me.


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