Rewinding the Week (5.11.2014)

Well, this seems awkward.  I thought I just did one of these things, and now, WHAM! (not the kind with George Michael) it’s that time again.

Games of Thrones: All hail King Tommen!  Long may he reign.  So nice to see a genuinely nice Lannister, even if the family is broke.  Speaking of nice to see, Podrick.  You are so useless, Pod, but I still love you.  Meanwhile, seeing Hodor look so scared after being possessed continued the streak of the gentle giant breaking my heart as easily as he breaks necks.  More wisdom from the Hound is always welcome, but seeing gross Aunt Lysa is not.  Please stop.  Those screams will haunt me worse than Sansa.

The Simpsons:  The Lego episode.  Finally, something that doesn’t follow the rule of “The Simpsons did it first.” It was pretty cool, though and included a nod to the Lego Movie.  I enjoyed seeing the interactions with the very disposable landscape.  Very cool.  I would love to get my hands on the actual Lego playset, but the price is a bit out of my range right now.

Family Guy: A Meg centered episode?  Insane!  She bonds with Peter, which I think has happened in a previous episode, but it was still nice to see.

Bob’s Burgers:  Gene the cheerleader was great.  Of course Linda gets way too involved with it, and of course Bob is a bit embarrassed.  All in all, another solid showing from the best cartoon running these days (well, at least the best on Sunday nights).

Agents of SHIELD: Seeing flashbacks into Ward’s life was interesting, although it did not make me feel for him any more.  I really hope that he doesn’t turn out to be a double-double agent and really be working for Hand all along.  I feel like that would be a cop out.  He should stay evil.  It just makes it better.  Very cool seeing some old school spy gear from the Howling Commando days and seeing May and Coulson act like Fitz and Simmons was a good laugh.  But the end?  Come on, we know they won’t die, but come on!

Arrow:  The battle is raging.  Very cool to see the action amped up.  I was really hoping that Flash would make an appearance delivering the antidote, but I guess they are saving him for his own show.  Some corny scenes of course, and some things that made me say, “Really?”  But then I remember what show I’m watching and I suspend my disbelief a little more.

So there’s another week down.  Sadly, we are not getting into the season finale time of year.  I will be sad to see Agents of SHIELD and Arrow go but am glad they are both renewed.  Agent Carter, I’m not so sure about, but I know I’ll watch that, and Gotham, and whatever other comic shows come out.  See you here next week, although I may put up some reviews after the finales.  We’ll just see.


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