X-Men TAS – Days of Future Past (part 1)

Welcome to another exciting installment of Cartoons and Cereal, the best way to spend a Saturday.  We’ve been looking back at cartoons that are worth watching, even if they are about 20 years old.  With an apology to Andres (the Giant) I am going to talk about one of the greatest shows ever.  X-Men, the animated series.  This was THE show to watch growing up.  Out of all the Marvel superhero shows, this was the best, followed closely by Spider-Man.

I thought it was a little relevant to these days, as the new X-Men movie will be coming out soon.  Or is it out now?  I’m very behind on movies.  Anyways, there is time travel, and Bishop, and sentinels, so let’s get started.  It’s a rough ride.  Oh, one other note, although I loved this show, I was never a big X-Men comic fan, so I never actually read the Days of Future Past storyline.  Sorry, sorry, I know, it’s a horrible thing to admit.  Sorry.

Anyways, we start off in the future, how far? I don’t really know but it is past 2033.  We know that much because of some graves that are seen.  Jubilee died in 2010, Storm in 2021, Cyclops in 2032, and Rogue in 2033.  Wolverine, with the trademarked gray hair of the future, is out with some other rebels, including one guy who can do the Colossus thing with only his arms.  Kind of a rip off I’d think.  Bishop shows up, blasts them, and hauls them away to be processed.  This is why everyone always hates you, Bishop.  No matter what else you might do, you were that guy.  Never be that guy.

But he gets his, as the sentinels inform him he’s met his quota and will be taken out.  So, apparently you can be too good at your job, even if your job is hunting mutants.  So Bishop hightails it out with Wolverine, as Nimrod shows up.  They get to Forge’s place, (how is he still alive?) and talk about the mission to go back in time to stop the assassination of the 90s. Wolverine will kill the assassin, even if it is an X-Men, but Bishop takes his place when more sentinels show up, telling Wolverine that he is “too old.”  I’m glad someone finally said it.  Bishop goes through the time platform (that looks like a Doom time machine) but Nimrod follows him.  When Bishop wakes up, he originally thinks that the machine didn’t work but no worries Bishop, you’re just in a crappy part of the city.  With amnesia, because what story would be complete without some brain damage?

In his confusion, Bishop thinks all the X-Men are the assassins and so wants to kill them all.  He does so by stealing a city bus and crashing it through the mansion before opening fire on the team.  Of course, they stop him pretty quickly, no thanks to Jubilee being horrible at monitoring security.  Xavier stops Wolverine from killing him, and together they go off to find Nimrod, or as he’s called “Mr. Terminator.”  Oh the jokes.  The horribly, horribly cheesy jokes.

But the story continues until Gambit walks back in the mansion to find the new guest.  Bishop lunges at him, yelling “Traitor!” and everything goes black.

Literally.  That’s how the show ends.  It’s a cliffhanger to be sure.  I got to watch the rest before I get to the cinema.  Which probably won’t be for a while, so I got time.  I will even try to get the collected edition of the comics so I can do a big comparison review of all three versions.  So, there’s that to look forward to.

Come back next week for another cartoon.  What will it be?  Captain Planet?  The Animaniacs?  Who knows what wonders the internet will bring back?


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