Friday Top 5 – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

With the finale of Agents of SHIELD upon us next Tuesday, and the recent formal announcement of a second season, and while the reaction to the show has been mixed, to say the least, things may be picking up on the next season with “The Fridge” inmates being released leading to slightly more interesting “monster of the week” scenarios.

I would conject that AoS was forced to pace itself in regards to “supervillain” nemeses so as not to “undermine” the threats present in the recently released Thor and Captain America movies. We’d seen limited threats in the MCU over the course of the existing movies, yet AoS would be tackling such things every week, right off the bat? It would behoove the universe as a whole to “build up” the threats, and I think we’ve seen that on the back nine (so to speak) of the season.

So while that may explain the dearth of “name” supervillains, it doesn’t cover up the fact that AoS started as a generic spy drama, with people being covert and not having much character, and a drama with “rounded edges” since there’s some Disney/kid-friendly vibes crossing over there. It only took the dissolution of SHIELD itself and the characters to go rebel for the characters to have some purpose.

But I digress. With Season 2 on the horizon and “The Fridge” wide open, one can only hope there are more “guys” (in the dude phraseology for established characters, females are welcome as well). With that in mind, here are my Top 5 characters that should make an appearance:

5) Iron Patriot/War Machine/James Rhodes/Don Cheadle – Nothing to do with The Fridge, but Don Cheadle has a TV show and has appeared as a hip thrusting Captain Planet, so clearly he’s not a film elitist. Why hasn’t Rhodey flown in and had a chat with Coulson? If the agents of SHIELD are now fugitives and Rhodes works for the US government, this appearance is well within reason for the second season (Iron Patriot shows up, we get a “misunderstanding” battle, the Iron Patriot lets the agents go in a show of compassion over following orders).

4) Doughboy – A white emotionless, brainless blob.

Wait, he’s not already on the show?

He’s an Arnim Zola guy, anyway, so why not?

3) Hammerhead – SHIELD is focused on international and large scale threats, but why not throw in a mobster angle? He could be dealing alien/SHIELD designed weapons. Of course, he might be a “Spider-Man” guy, so we could have a Quicksilver scenario all over again…but lamer.

Gangster much?

2) MODOK – Okay, he’s the one everyone wants to see (or at least thought was the “Clairvoyant”, before it was revealed to be Bill Pullman…Paxton…Pac-Man). Hydra’s been well accounted for in SHIELD, but shouldn’t remnants of AIM be in play as well? Speaking of AIM…

MugD.O.C. Mug Designed Only for Coffee

1) Man-Thing –All but confirmed by Maria Hill (that’s mild facetiousness). But does she need to explain “who or what a Man-Thing” is? Not to me, but then again, this is GIANT SIZE Comic Things, so I’m a nerd. We’ve seen Extremis in play, so a mushed up origin story pertaining to those experiments could tie in with the Deathlok arc going on, as well as define “monster of the week”. Also, as I mentioned in “Captain America/Man-Thing Conspiracy” episode of the What If Podcast, Man-Thing guards a swamp that serves as some sort of dimensional portal, a type of portal that could tie in with the various “backdoors between worlds” Loki spoke of in the Thor movies…Man-Thing is the missing link!



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