The Monday Morning Quarter-Bin – The Venom 2099 Saga (Part 3 of 5)

When last we left the Venom 2099 saga, I had recapped issues 35 and 36, and we left with Venom 2099, skin-eating acid secreting foil to Miguel O’Hara’s Spider-Man 2099, holding Dana and Xina while threatening death to both if Miguel doesn’t choose one. Miguel is also in charge of Alchemax, and was researching the history of something called “Venom”.

(image from Marvel.Wikia)

We open with some memory-fogged panels about the first time Miguel O’Hara met Dana, while he was still dating Xina. This leads into Venom, holding both Dana and Xina hostage, forcing him to choose. First and foremost, I’ll say the art in this issue is a lot tighter than in issue 36, and it’s all the better for it. Miguel ostensibly choosing Xina, and uses his pointy spider claw hands (or something) and severs Venom’s arm, to which Venom quickly makes a dick joke (“What, you packing some sort of…concealed weapon? Bet mine…is bigger”). Miguel severed the arm to save Dana, while Xina is…apparently falling down a garbage chute? I’m not sure how they got there, but let’s say the deranged Venom was a man of his word and let Xina go, only to be outsmarted and outmuscled by Miguel to save Dana. Let’s say. Anyhoo, Miguel begins the attack without changing into his Spider-Jammies, and also sicks the futuristic SHIELD stormtroopers on Venom. More memory-fogged panels give us Dana remembering the early days with Miguel, but that’s interrupted by Venom.

Meanwhile, Miguel O’Hara’s mom, who was seen to have been committing suicide last issue (off panel), actually shot some recording device, that had her confession to something not necessarily covered in this issue. Swerve! She resolves to be put on trial.

Elsewhere, Venom has “the girls”, and they’re fleeing in..Xina’s car? Weird. More memory-fogged panels show us how Miguel cheated on Xina with Dana, with a funny little bit where the word “click” is substituted for the word “f—k”. Venom leaps from the car as SHIELD agents set upon him, smashing one in a fiery explosion with “mace hands”. In the mayhem, Xina drives off a bridge, but is saved by Spider-Man, who decided to go full costume after all. All of this seems to be taking place outside the “Escher Club”, a staircase themed club that was mentioned in the first flashback opening this issue up, furthering the mystery of how Venom is related to Miguel O’Hara’s life. Venom quickly snatches the dueling damsels in distress, though, and in the ultimate act of Spider-Mandom, the SHIELD agent’s shots on Venom go through his amorphous body (he dissolves his hosts rather than coating them), and end up killing Dana. Let that be a lesson to all you girls across the universes and timelines: if you date a Spider-Man, you’re probably going to die. We close on that scene, and I can’t wait for the thrilling conclusion to the Venom 2099 saga, it’s Spider-Man 2099 issue 38!


(PS, I dug the flashbacks throughout this issue as a way to put some definites on the relationship between Miguel, Xina, and Dana alluded to throughout the past few issues, as well as doubling up to pack a bigger emotional punch upon Dana’s somewhat unexpected death. I’m really into this story right now)


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