The Top 5 (May The Fourth Be With You/Free Comic Book Day!)

Top 5 Things of Free Comic Book Day:

1) Recording three new episodes of the What If podcast with my sometimes cohosts Andrew The Giant and Beezy. I wrapped up the Age of Ultron mini-series Marvel put out in April, and a couple of other relevant topics are coming up.

2) Free things! Casablanca Comics was giving away copies of Wolverine Origins II with a heavy acetate cover, and I also got the FCBD GoTG giveaway, the DC giveaway for Future’s End (proving Marvel doesn’t have exclusive rights to dystopian futures), as well as Epic and Dumbest Idea Ever, two things I would have never picked up but was introduced to yesterday (a fun side effect of FCBD)

3) Things I paid for! Amazing Spider-Man #1 Marcos Martin cover, a copy of The Last Avengers Story (as I try to get the peripheral “Alterniverse” offerings from Marvel to round out my What If collection) and a copy of Usagi Yojimbo #10 (featuring a TMNT crossover) for $3. Not too shabby.


4) Guy dressed up as The Penguin. Oh sure, but when I dress up as A penguin, I get weird looks.


5) People dressed up as Star Wars characters yesterday: A TIE pilot, some stormtroopers, maybe a Fett of some sort, though they were a day early (May the Fourth be with you).


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