Rewinding the week (5.4.2014)

May the Fourth be with you!  Sadly, being where I am, I was unable to spend the whole day sitting around watching Star Wars, but we did celebrate a bit.  More on that later in the week I think.  Anyway, on to the shows from the week that has passed.

Game of Thrones:  I know that the internet was abuzz with the ending of last week’s episode.  It was interesting, I’ll give it that.  I however, was much more upset about the treatment of Hodor.  It was another big change from the book, but one that made me angry.  Not angry because it was a change, but angry because it was Hodor getting picked on.  Come on guys.  Nice to see Pod will continue to be part of the show.  And Tommen is a lucky kid, with so many “kitties” to play with in his bed.  Again, always looking forward to the next episode.

Bob’s Burgers: Louise runs away from home, due to the dentist, and holes up at her Aunt Gail’s house.  If you don’t know Linda’s sister, you are in for a treat.  The most neurotic, insanely delusional aunt there is.  Family craziness makes great comedy.

Family Guy:  I am really liking the Chris-centric episodes that seem to be taking over Family Guy as of later.  This week we got to see him get a girlfriend, who turned out to be Tyrone’s daughter.  It was a great story and actually touched on racism in a manner that was not inappropriate.  (I know I could have just said appropriate, but that’s not how I ever view Family Guy)

The Simpsons: A very artistic couch gag.  Which, I suppose, makes sense, as they must be reaching out to try and do something different.  The next episode is the Lego one, and the 550th in all, which I’m excited for.  This week was standard fare, with Bart impregnating people through voodoo, but did have a nice superhero drinking night at the beginning, which was fun to see.

The Following:  Season finale time, and not too soon for me.  I don’t think I’ll be too excited for the next season.  They wrapped it up pretty well, but you just know that Joe is going to be able to get out and do it all over again.  Seeing him and Ryan teaming up to save Claire was cool, and I would watch more if it was a crazy buddy show like that.  “One is a sociopath cult leader.  The other is the FBI agent sworn to bring him in.  Together they fight crime to save the woman they both love.”  Just imagine that done in the voice of the movie trailer guy.  Gold, right there.

Agents of SHIELD:  It’s hard for me to contain my excitement about this show.  A mention of Man-Thing in the first few minutes?  Awesome.  More action continues as the search for Skye heated up.  Secrets came out, and Dethlok came back.  Damn love, though.  Skye should have just let Ward die, but at least she seems to have sabotaged the hard drive before getting saved by Coulson in an amazing fashion.  And we finally learned who was behind TAHITI.  Spoiler alert: it was the best of the good guys.

So there you have it.  The recap of the normal shows from each week I watch.  As a side note, we also watched Lords of Salem this weekend, a new(er) Rob Zombie film.  I have to say I was rather disappointed.  The plot was convoluted and the ending seemed rushed.  It does not even come close to comparing to his best work, which, in my opinion, was The Devil’s Rejects.

Also, in honor of Star Wars Day, my daughter and I started watching The Clone Saga cartoon show.  Maybe I’ll review it on Cartoons and Cereal, but for now I’ll just say that it was interesting, and that we will probably end up watching a lot more of it.

Have a great week, and stay tuned for more reviews, updates, and thoughts.


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