Pokemon, season 1, episode 5

I recently started watching some old Pokémon shows with my daughter.  She loves them and it brings back fond memories of my own childhood.  I can actually remember watching this show in the afternoons after school, and also borrowing episodes from a friend who had taped them on VHS.  Good stuff.  I was into Pokémon back then, and collected the cards to play the game.  The cards might still be floating around my mom’s house somewhere.

Episode 5 is the Showdown in Pewter City where Ash first battles a gym leader, Brock.  It’s a compelling story and highlights the determination that Ash has in becoming a great Pokémon trainer.  Even though he loses the first time around, he is determined to come back and try again, still of course using his main Pokémon, Pikachu.  Of course, he could have listened to Misty for some help, but why would that happen?

This episode also introduced Brock, who goes on to become a major supporting character.  His goal is to become the world’s best breeder, which seems kind of weird, and a little creepy when you view it as an adult.  But how can he leave town, when he has to take care of all his brothers and sisters?  Well, that’s all part of the episode, so I won’t go ahead and spoil something from 1998 for you.

Overall, it’s a fun episode, and a fun series.  Yes, it has cringe-worthy moments, but what show doesn’t?  I never watched any of the ones beyond season 3, maybe, and am not sure I’ll get that far with my daughter either.  We only watch a few episodes of TV a week, and this is just one of many high quality programs that makes it into our rotations.

Either way, I’m happy to be back on the trail to the Pokémon championships.  Maybe this summer we’ll look for my cards and play a few rounds.


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