Y is for Yo Yo



Yo Yo Rodriguez, or Slingshot as she goes by, was a part of the Secret Warriors, a team of unknowns recruited by Nick Fury to help him take down Hydra.  If you haven’t read Secret Warriors, I highly recommend it.  It ran for 28 issues and is a great example of Jonathan Hickman’s storytelling ability.

Yo Yo is the daughter of the Griffin.  If you don’t know who the Griffin is, here’s a picture to help yourself to.



Yeah, kind of weird.  I’m not entirely sure how he had a kid, but hey, who am I to judge?

Anyways, like the rest of the team, Yo Yo was brought into the fold and battled against Hydra as well as Osborn.  She has super speed but also can slingshot her body back to where she began running, which seems like it might not be helpful in some situations, but would be nice at others.  While in a battle with Gorgon, she had her arms cut off.  Luckily, being friends with Nick Fury means that robot parts are never too far away and that it’s heard to truly die (see Agents of SHIELD as an example).  During her recovery, she became very close to Stonewall, her teammate and the son of the Absorbing Man.

Nowadays, the Secret Warriors are dissolved and most seem to have fallen through the cracks, or died.  Hopefully the rest make a reappearance at some point as they were an excellent team and a great example of new blood that the MU needs.


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